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Ander Europa lijst ------------------

T h e E u r o s t o p D a i l y J o u r n a l=20

The Eurostop Daily Journal will cover the Alternative Summit and the news about other events in the city of Amsterdam. As the Eurostop Daily will appaer on the Internet, it promises to be the fastest & hottest source of information, updated whenever it seems necessairy. We will cooperate closely with both the Press group of the the Alternative Summit and the Daily Amsterdamned, the printed paper published during the Summit. Still we can use any help available, both behind the screen and on the street. Please feel free to join us.

The Eurostop Daily Journal is a joint venture of Contrast.org and Freeteam. Getting activists on the Internet by providing tools and technics is their main goal. Freeteam set up the Different Europe homepage, and organized email at the Platforms' office. At the Contrast.org site you will find even more information about what's going on in Amsterdam against the European Summit.=20

http://www.snore.org/different-europe http://www.contrast.org/eurostop

Eurostop Daily Journal: Vrouwenhuis (Nieuwe Herengracht 95, Amsterdam, third floor

T h e E u r o s t o p I n t e r n e t C a f e=20

Stop by at the Eurostop Internet Cafe to do a fast check of your email, or to send the latest news to the folks back home. Maybe you just want to read the Eurostop Daily Mail, to see if you missed any events that day. Contrast.org and Freeteam provide a small set of terminals & connections in the cafe of the Vrouwenhuis. Make those who stayed behind feel like they joined the party after all. Send your stories to your paper without delayd. The Eurostop Internet Cafe is a joint venture of Contrast.org and Freeteam. Getting activists on the Internet by providing tools and technics is their main goal. Visit the Eurostop Internet Cafe at the Ground Floor of the Vrouwenhuis.

M e d i a M a i l i n g L i s t

A mailing list was setup to exchange press releases, action reports and articles. Subscribe on the website:


Or send an email message to:


with the following text in the BODY:

subscribe dif-eu yourname@host.org (replace with your own email address)

To send a message to the list, send it to:


Send all your press releases to the list!

You can find a fully searchable archive of the list on the website.

The media group can be reached on the following=20 address:


See you in Amsterdam!

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