(en) May Day festival of life & against neo-liberalism

Lyn Gerry (redlyn@loop.com)
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 18:29:08 +0000

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In the year 1886 in the city of Chicago in the United States, the people who weredaily forced to labor from dusk till dawn, so that treir families might live a subsistence existence did not go to work. Instead they gathered in the streets of that fair city in order to march together in a parade to demand that the length of the working day be reduced to 8 hours.

One hundred and ten years later peopleare still working the same number of hours and more just to make a living in the what is regurlarly referred to as the wealthiest country in the world. After all these years, an industrial revolution and the current information revolution, with all the technological advances we still have to spend almost a third of our lives laboring to make ends meet. Is it really necessary for us to put so much of our lives into the effort to have a decent existence? If so, why?

As wealth and power accumulates into the control of fewer and fewer individuals and corporations our lives become more and more insecure. Homeless people everwhere, unemployment, and even slavery are everyday realities. The state which many were used to relying on to act as a counterforce to the brutality of the so called free market, is now working to take away what little security, real or imagined, working people had in life. We are expected to do without health care, a modestly secure retirement welfare for childern and the neediest, education etc. so that the competitive requirements of a neoliberal world system can be satisfied. Meanwhile the government subsidizes industries and the least needy out of a desire to pay back those who finance their elections and make a mockery of the concept of democracy. This system has now created a social condition where 250 or so billionaires have a greater annual income than half the population of the earth. It is time that this wealth is redistributed to the people who create it through their labor and away from those who hoard it because they have the power to do so. One of the simplest ways of accomplishing this in a peaceful way is to reduce the length of the working day to four hours with no reduction in pay. It's an idea whose time has come!! Of course creativity and resourcesfulness are to be encouraged, any ideas on how to screw the greedy out of all this stolen wealth should become part of the May Day festivities. Getting rid of things like the state, government, rent, banks capitalists, corporations, interest and free trade should all become targets of the festival for life. Artists, musicians and anyone else with ideas of expressing humanities need to rid itself of these and any other manifestations of the mindless mass consuming hyperreality we are forced to exist in, should start doing so now in preparation for the May Day Festival.

We owe it to ourselves and the future generations to stop the neo-liberal plunder of our lives and the planet. Another thirty years of the corporate state and it's free trade laizze-faire ecomomics and politics of greed and there may be nothing to leave to the children of the future. Resisting the culture of work and consumption is becoming a matter of life and death for every living thing on the planet. So how about it?

Where ever you may be on May 1st 1998 be sure it is not at work get out in the street, park, city or town with your friends, neighbors, relatives and celibrate all the good things in life and how much more time we will have to enjoy them with only four hours of work without a reduction in pay. It can be a start to figuring out how to replace the society of wage slavery and mass comsumption with one of freedom and life for all beings

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