(en) Netradio during Amsterdam Eurosummit

radio de Vrije Keyser (keyser@xs4all.nl)
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 13:41:17 GMT

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Netradio during Amsterdam Eurosummit

On June 16th and 17th Amsterdam will host a conference of European leaders. Over 30,000 protesters from all different European Countries are expected in Amsterdam to voice their opinion on the plans of these government leaders and their friends, the members of the European Round Table, the banks, the corporations and industries. Amsterdam will see over 20 demonstrations in 4 days time, focussing on gay rights, north-south relations, anti-prohibition (of drugs), the rights of refugees, environment, women' rights and anarchism. A plague of policemen and security officials will invade Amsterdam as well, though. Already the city is slowly being reshaped into a prison, into a big security zone where nothing is allowed.

Radio activists of several free radios in the Netherlands have decided to offer demonstrators a voice on the airwaves by planning radio shows during the Eurosummit. This radio will not only report on the demonstrations and numerous counter conferences, but will also try to be a tactical help for those on the streets.

People coming to Amsterdam can bring their small radios and tune in on 96.2 FM. The radio shows will be cast live through the Internet as well, using Xs4all's RealAudio-server. The live broadcast can be found on: http://www.xs4all.nl/~keyser/live-keyser.ram

A 28.8 minimum connection to the Net, a sound card and a Real audio plug-in are required.=20

Broadcast schedule: Saturday June 14th 12.00-18.00, Sunday June 15th 12.00-18.00, Monday June 16th 9.00-24.00, Tuesday June 17th 9.00-24.00, and other times when necessary. Local Time=3DGMT+1.=20 Reports can be in any european language, urgent and important messages will be in English.

More information about Eurosummit protests: http://www.contrast.org/eurostop/ http://www.snore.org/different-europe/

Vrije Keyser Radio Amsterdam 96.2 FM http://www.xs4all.nl/~keyser

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