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Mon, 9 Jun 1997 00:34:22 pst

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Chiapas School Construction Teams Update June 9, 1997

1. Last week for applications Please tell anyone who is considering joining us in Oventic this summer to submit their application this week. The deadline is Monday, June 16, 1997 and we are still hearing that people who have not sent an application want to opportunity to work on the Junior High School. There will be special infomational meeting at the office (3909 Centre St.) on the Monday evening, 9pm, for those who wait until the last minute!

2. Used Computers Needed! We need your old computer! We are planning to create a small computer lab in the Junior High School and this will teach the teachers and students how to send email messages from San Cristobal (an LA group has already arranged funding for the internet link). This will allow the students at the first autonomous, indigenous junior high school in Chiapas to communicate directly with students around the world! We believe this will be an important part of efforts to win a lasting peace with justice and dignity in Chiapas. Won't you consider sending down your old computer (MAC or IBM) or making a special donation for supplies? (see below for other donation suggestions)

3. First day of summer vacation PRESS CONFERENCE (see press release that follows)

Chanobvun ta Oventic Aguas Calientes II Jkoltavanejetik ta Smeltzanel Chiapas School Construction Teams 3909 Centre Street #B San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 232-2841 FAX(619) 232-0500 <mexicopeace@igc.apc.org>

What: First day of summer vacation press conference

Why: San Diego teachers and students are leaving for Chiapas, MEXICO to build an Indian school in rebel Zapatista territory.

When: Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 11 am. FIRST DAY OF VACATION!!!

Where: Craftsman's Hall, 3909 Centre Street #B, one block west of Park Avenue and University Avenue

On Thursday morning, June 12 at 11:00 am teachers, students and parents will symbolically lay down their pencils and books while picking up the tools and supplies which they will use to build a unique Indian school in Chiapas, MEXICO. In addition, Principal Ernest McCray will present the group with a $4000 check to purchase building materials for the school.

"The Mayan rebels of Chiapas want education for their children. We hope the secondary school at Oventic will be one small step toward a dignified and just peace in Chiapas," explained Larry Hampshire who recently returned from Chiapas. "With the tense situation now existing in Chiapas, peace can use all the help we can give it!"

The group plans to send its supporters to Chiapas during summer vacation to work directly with the Indian community at Oventic, Chiapas to build an bilingual, Junior High School. Applications are still being accepted for individuals wishing to participate in traveling to Chiapas to help build the junior high school; grass roots fund raising is also continuing.

"We might not being the best construction workers", explained group leader Leticia Jimenez, "but we'll follow the directions of the indigenous who have told us they need a school - and in the end we'll return to San Diego to explain what we have learned!"

"Indians are mistreated in Mexico just like they are in the United States," said SDSU student and MECHA member Eddie Torrez. "I'm proud to be working to build a Zapatista school in Chiapas."

Some funds have already been sent to Chiapas where the community has begun construction on the Junior High School which is slated to open as a boarding school with approximately 350 students in September 1997.

Call for additional information: Leticia Jimenez 233-4114

¡Escuelas Publicas Para Todos! Public Schools Everywhere for Everyone!

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4. Donations (rough draft) Key items for donation

Don't be shy about shopping the swap meets and thrift shops for these items (lots of times these folks will give a really good deal if you explain what you are buying the items for).

1. Small suitcases - for students to carry and store belongings from home.

2. Sleeping bags and bedding - so all our students can sleep warm.

3. Computer equipment (IBM or Mac) - the kids will send out email from San Cristobal (anything above an Apple IIe would be useful (perhaps even a good Apple IIe wouldn't be bad!) a. Central Processing Units and keyboards b. Key boards b. Monitors c. Printers d. Modums e. Scanners f. Zip drives g. Dust covers, surge protectors, disks, cables, etc. h. Air cleaners and dryers

4. Warm clothing - remember the teenage students at Oventic are quite small. Make sure all clothing is clean and folded neatly.

5. Book bags and plastic storage boxes (waterproof)

6. Sewing machines and supplies

7. Agricultural, carpentry, and leather working tools

8. First aid and medical supplies and water testers

10. Spanish language books - we hope to leave a library!

11. Cameras, videos, VCR's and film

12. Personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, combs, soap, etc.)

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