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Subject: Revolutionary Union Supports Liverpool dockers Sender: union-d@wolfnet.com


Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation

Box 6507, 113 83, Stockholm. Sweden

Tel. +46-8-673 35 59, fax. +46-8-673 35 80 (673 03 45

E-mail: international.committee@sac.se

To all Fellow Workers 2 June 1997


The Central Organisation of Sweden's Workers, SAC. has decided to send 250 000 sv.crowns (25 000 pounds)* to the fighting dockers in Liverpool.

The decision was made by SACs central committee when it became known that a number of families risk eviction from their homes. The proposal to send money was made by Botkyrka and Skrholmens Local Federations of the SAC.

"This is a good initiative, says Sharokh Razavi from the Liverpool Dockers Support Committee. I hope that more unions join up. The Dockers need our support. The anti- union policy implemented in England is on it's way here.

A victory for the Liverpool dockers is a victory for all organised workers in Europe". The Liverpool dockers have previously received support from both SAC- Syndicalists and Swedish Harbour Workers Union.

" We shall inform the LO (socialdemocrat) of our decision, says Jan Berglund, SAC's General Secretary. Hopefully the socialdemocratic LO will show their solidarity and support their union brothers in England".

The Liverpool dockers are organised in TGWU, the British LO.

"The attacks on workers and their organisations is becoming commonplace in Europe says Kieran Casey SAC's, International Secretary. In England we can now see the pattern since the start of the Liverpool conflict, Magnet factory workers, Hillingdon and more.

In Belgium the Renault move has openly flaunted present day legislation and in Sweden the Eriksson and SAAB-Aero move of profitable production has devastated communities. Behind the slogans of flexibility and competition is the face of raw capitalism devoid of any social responsibility. The uncontrolled globalisation of the economy and the moves toward a European Monetary Union are leading to nothing less than a capitalist dictatorship. It is in this perspective that support for the Liverpool dockers is necessary. They are on the front-line in the struggle between the haves and the have-nots, between those who make decisions which affect others lives and those who have no say whatsoever.

The Liverpool docker's fighting spirit, solidarity and show of mutual aid is an inspiration to all workers in the struggle against injustice and the whims of the bosses. In all our meetings with our Liverpool comrades we are struck by their honesty and integrity. They have maintained their dignity and have won the respect of and unified previously disparate groups such as environmental activists, the unemployed and wage- earners in the fight against the barbarism of capitalism.

Victory to the Liverpool dockers ! Long live international solidarity!

For Freedom and Socialism For Workers self- management and Federalism

SAC are initiating a campaign called " One hour for Liverpool" The goal is that each member should donate 5 pounds in support. We hope to broaden the appeal to encompass all trade unions and political organisations.

The SAC hereby appeals to all friends to raise the issue of the Liverpool conflict and to give moral support and financial aid to the dockers, to organise protests and blockades against the Harbour Company and those who use the harbour facilities and to protest against the British government and its institutions.

Contact the dockers at

Port Shop Stewards Committee Transport House Islington L3 8EQ, Liverpool

England tel: +44-151-207 33 88 fax: +44-151-207 06 96

Website: http://www.gn.apc.org/labournet/docks

Kieran Casey International secretary) - ----------------------------------


Central Organisation of Swedens Workers

Box 6507, 113 83 Stockholm, Sweden

tel:+46-8-673 52 72 fax:+46-8-673 30 85

E-mail: international.committee@sac.se

* this was corrupted in the original email the figure may be 5,000


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