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Calling for Independent Media Blast about June 21 Labor March -- Action Motown =9297!!!

The International Independent Media Federation (formerly the International Media Collective) in association with the Direct Action Media Network (DAMN) is calling for a multi-media information blast to take place over the week of June 7-14 with the purpose of informing viewers/readers of the Detriot Newspaper Strike and the June 21 Action Motown =9297 labor march in Detroit. =20

Since July 13, 1995, more than 2,000 families in six newspaper unions have been defending their futures, their unions, and the collective bargaining process against the two biggest newspaper corporations in America. Gannett Co., Inc., and Knight-Ridder, Inc. have been charged with numerous unfair labor practices that caused and prolonged the labor dispute, according to the federal government's case against the companies.

The striking unions made unconditional offers to return to work in mid-February. The companies' response was to put the workers on a preferential hiring list and offer them jobs as vacancies occur -- while some l,400 so-called "permanent replacement workers" remain on the job.

Gannett and Knight-Ridder have hired a private army of guards to intimidate and harass union workers and supporters. They have hired more than l,400 so-called "permanent replacement" workers. They have continued to publish in the face of community outrage, criticism from religious and political leaders and the desertion of two out of three advertisers. Now more than ever, the Detroit newspaper workers need the support union people from all walks of life and all corners of the country. A show of solidarity in Detroit on June 20 and 21 would put corporate America on notice that union people stand together.

The International Independent Media Federation encourages anyone with access to the media to print/broadcast stories about the Detroit newspaper strike during the week of June 7-14 so that the readers/viewers of your media know both about the strike and the June 21 march. We have suggested some sources for multi-media information about the strike and Action Motown below, but of course feel free to use any information you can find. =20

Print:=20 The following web site has information about the newspaper strike and information about where to get more: "http://members.aol.com/actmotown/index.html" Especially useful as background information is the questions section which you can find at "http://members.aol.com/actmotown/qstions.html".

You may contact ACOSS, the Action Coalition of Strikers and Supporters, through their web site at "http://members.aol.com/actmotown/acosssop.html". For an update on strike/lockout activities and to reach ACOSS, call their 24-hour-a-day Hot Line at (810) 447-2716.

For more information about the march itself contact Action! Motown '97 at 313-896-2600 (toll free 1-888-97-MOTOWN), info@action97.w1.com or visit the web site at "http://www.action97.w1.com"

You may also find "Portraits of Striking Newspaper Workers" by George Waldman (GeoWaldman@aol.com) at: "http://www.angelfire.com/mi/strikephotos".

Still Photograpy: You may find photos of the strike by Daymon J. Hartley (Daymon2001@aol.com) at "http://members.aol.com/actmotown/gallery.html". You may also find photos by George Waldman (GeoWaldman@aol.com) at: "http://www.angelfire.com/mi/strikephotos".

Audio:=20 We are still looking for audio source material, though we are sure it exists. Send suggestions to Lyn Gerry =96 redlyn@loop.com.

Video: The People=92s Video Network (pvnnyc@peoplesvideo.org) has several videos available about the newspaper strike. The "Labors Untold Story" series of videos on the Detroit newspaper strike/lockout includes:

1. Gannett Greed Must Go! A half dozen striking/locked out workers from the Detroit rallied with New York unionists at the Gannett/USA Today offices to protest the Gannett Greed that led to this assault on the workers in Detroit. Speakers include striking writer Bob Ourlian, UAW Chief Counsel Jordan Russen who spoke on the auto workers' stake in this struggle, Nabet Local 16 Mobilization Coordinator Jim Joyce who explained the connection with their own struggle against Greed at ABC and its new owners, the Disney Corporation, Teamsters Local 802 Secy-Treas Mike Rescigno, Teamster Local 966 Vice President Mike Wilson, and many others.

2. Lords of the Press: Mobilization for June 21 March in Detroit. This special edition of Lords of the Press includes shocking scenes of police brutality against the strikers and interviews with journalists and union activists who explained the company violence and goons, the crushing of journalistic standards in the scab paper, and much more. Features former religion writer Kate DeSmet, former columnist and current Detroit Sunday Journal editor Susan Watson, AFL-CIO president John Sweeney on the commitment to the strike, Congressman John Conyers on how to get evryone involved in the struggle, and much more.

3. PVN has 20 or so videos on the strike which they could e-mail you about if you contact them. You may purchase through Peoples Video Network, 39 West 14th Street, Rm. 206, New York, N.Y. 10011, 212-633-6646. You can reach them via e-mail at pvnnyc@peoplesvideo.org.

If you are interested in broadcasting and/or printing coverage of the march itself, please contact the Direct Action Media Network, a multi-media news service that gathers and distributes coverage of progressive protests, strikes, marches and campaigns at either direct@tao.ca (DAMN=92s public e-mail list) or at jay@tao.ca (a personal e-mail address). If you would like more information about international media organizing efforts, you may contact the International Independent Media Federation at their e-mail list at media-l@tao.ca. If you have any suggestions for source materials, please send them not only to the cc group in this message but also to anyone you know who may be able to use them. Also, just so we know how this media blast experiment worked out, please post information about your coverage of the strike at both media-l@tao.ca and direct@tao.ca. Please distribute this information widely!!=20

[Some text of this alert was excerpted from material provided by Action! Motown '97.]

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