(en) 'Radikal' Link Puts German Socialist MP On Trial

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Fri, 6 Jun 1997 19:26:18 -0400 (EDT)

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German Leftist Goes On Trial For A Radical Link On Her Home Page

Associated Press, 06/06/97

BERLIN (AP) - A leftist politician went on trial today for maintaining an Internet home page with a cyberspace link to a banned magazine that allegedly encourages violence. The case against Angela Marquardt is part of a broader and controversial effort by German authorities to keep material banned in Germany from flowing into its cyberspace. Marquardt, the 25-year-old deputy leader of the Party of Democratic Socialism that succeeded the East German communist party, is accused of being an accessory to giving instructions on how to commit crimes. Prosecutors say a link from her home page leads to a banned leftist magazine "Radikal" where instructions had been posted on how to build bombs and derail trains. Marquardt said at the start of the trial in Berlin state court that she did not post the material personally and had committed no crime. "What the prosecutor's office is attempting here is a war against the Internet," she said. She alleged that the only reason prosecutors have gone after her is because of her membership in the Party of Democratic Socialism, whose members are treated like pariahs by mainstream politicians but have a sizable following among ordinary east Germans. German authorities have gone to great lengths to hold Internet services accountable for the access they provide to material that violates German law, much of which is produced outside of German jurisdiction.

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