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FROM: "La Repubblica" (Rome)

Autonomists Attack, Police Resorts to Teargas

St.Mark's Eight's Trial Turmoil in front of the Courtroom

VENICE- Police charges and turmoil have taken place this morning in front of the Mestre court where the trial to the Venetian separatists is going to start. When Fabio Padovan, head of LIFE [European Federalist Free Entrepreneurs, a racist and separatist-minded bosses' association, FB] arrived, a group of autonomists standing by the place has sougth the confrontation and clashes erupted. The police intervened with charges and teargas to disband the demonstration. Later on more LIFE supporters have arrived on the scene holding placards hailing to the defendants and St.Mark's flags. The clashes have taken place in front of the Mestre courtroom, where Taradash [Italian MP, member of the fascist-aligned Forza Italia party] and Padovan had come to assist to the trial to the eigth hijackers of St.Mark's bell tower. During the clashes various objects have been thrown to the two politicians. Taradash has been spat a few times, while Padovan has been kicked and knocked. A policeman is supposed to have been slightly wounded. Padovan also had a box containing LIFE's stickers poured down. During the charge one teargas bullet has been shot. A delegation from the social centres including about 20 people had been the first to come in front of the courtroom at 8.00 this morning to assist to the second hearing of the trial to the people responsible of the assault to St.Mark's bell tower. Tension had immediately risen at the arrival of a delagation of about ten members of LIFE, the employers' movement, who limited themselves to show some placards at a safety distance from the autonomists and protected by a gate. Luca Casarin talked on behalf of the social centres, defining LIFE's people as "miserable petty bosses and tax evaders". He added that what LIFE and the right wing are carrying on is "an attempt to make ethnic warfare explicit, safeguarding the interests of the few above that of the many". "We don't want to let -he added- our land to be in the hands of hordes of fanatics". According to the militant of the social centres "it's not possible that the state responds only with polizia and carabinieri while a political response is missing". Franco Rocchetta, historical leader of the Venetian League [one of the various racist-separatist organisations later converged in the Northern League, FB], has been "assaulted" by an autonomist while he was going with his wife, Marilena Marin, to the second hearing of the trial to the commando of the so-called Venetian Serenissimo Government. According to Rocchetta himself, while he was walking down Via delle Messi, the street leading to the Mestre courtroom, he has been approached by a young person who, after having asked him if he was Rocchetta, has allegedly taken a stick at his affirmative answer, hitting him twice on his head. Rocchetta has been admitted to hospital for treatment, and then he left without particular problems. Six policemen have been wounded during the clashes, allegedly due to stones thrown by demonstrators against the police. As far as the autonomists are concerned, their sources report five wounded, while according to the police this figure is only three.



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