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FRANCO BARCHIESI (029FRB@cosmos.wits.ac.za)
Wed, 04 Jun 1997 07:25:18 +1000

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> Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 09:56:33 +0200
> To: cslist@ecn.org
> From: hobo <hobo@iol.it>
> Subject: police charges against sit-in in Venice

While we are writing, violent police charges are going on against comrades who are picketing the entrance of Mestre's court, where the trial of eight defendants from the "Serenissima Venetian Army" [the separatist group which occupied the St.Mark's Bell Tower in Venice two weeks ago, FB] is going to start this morning.

Police has firstly charged trying to drive the comrades back from the court's entrance, wounding one comrade and an elderly person who was passing by, unaware of what was going on. Further harsh charges have followed when a march of high-school students has entered the square and when the comrades have prevented LIFE [European Federalist Entrepreneurs' League, a bosses' racist and separatist-minded organization inciting to "fiscal revolt", FB] members Padovan and Rocchetta to deliver their racist propaganda in front of the court.

Our strong militant presence prevented the Nazi of "National Youth" from being present on the scene as announced to express their solidarity with racist secessionism (and they were right to be scared), while LIFE's militants took on to the streets (the bravery of thoughtlessness), openly supporting the armed separatist action by the "serenissimi". All available evidence show by now that nazi and leaguist racists are two sides of the same coin: nationalisms converge under different facets. The comrades who came to picket Mestre's court want to expose current attempts at croatization and to prevent, by any means necessary, that the nazi-racist marriage gains political space. They want to show that there is a possible and viable alternative to the statism-secessionism scissor: that is the self-government of local communities, that can be expressed here and now through societal self- organization. Against nationalism and racism. Beyond centralizing statism, but also beyond secessionist and federalist options.

For the self-government of cooperative, solidarity-based municipalities.

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