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Activists Storm Universal Furniture; Demand End to Mahogany Use by Rick Spencer

Two EarthCulture activists staged a sit-in at the headquarters of Universal Furniture in High Point, NC on June 3. The protesters said they would not leave until Universal's president agreed to meet with them about halting the use of illegal mahogany. After more than a year of unanswered phone calls & letters, they quickly decided to meet our demands, and will meet with us in two weeks.

Two dozen other rainforest and human rights demonstraters unfurled a 50 foot banner which read, "Save the Amazon! Don't Buy Mahogany" along Interstate 85, which borders the Universal facility. The action was covered by 3 TV stations (ABC, CBS, & NBC), one radio station, and one newspaper (Greensboro News & Record).

Because mahogany has been over-exploited for generations, illegal loggers now invade indigenous and wildlife reserves, and have killed those who stand in their way. At least 8 Brazilian tribes have had members murdered at the hands of pirate mahogany loggers. Potentially violent situations are arising in the rainforests of Belize and Nicaragua which could threaten Mayan populations.

This action was particularly timely, as CITES- the body that governs the trade of endangered species is meeting in Zimbabwe next week. Latin American Mahogany stands a good chance of being placed on Appendix II of CITES, which would limit its trade to sustainable operations.

The Universal action was originally planned for Hickory Chair, but their president and Lane Furniture's (parent company) president agreed to meet with us next week. Lane is rumored to have plans for a new teak line, which we will also bring to the table. EarthCulture has called for a ban on all unsustainable rainforest woods, including mahogany, teak, lauan, ramin, and rosewood.

For more information about mahogany and other rainforest woods, please contact us!

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STOP THE TROPICAL CHOP! Use sustainable or recycled wood products- or simply reduce your wood consumption.

Rainforests are the home to 50% of the world's species & hundreds of indigenous cultures. By boycotting rainforest woods- like mahogany, teak, lauan, & ramin, you can help save our most diverse ecosystems!

Contact us for our FREE Rainforest Woods/ Wood Reduction Action Pack!

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