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Headline in the N. Y. Times:

"Chirac Failed to Read Mood of a Country Wary of a World That Demands Reforms"

By voting socialists, communists, and greens into office, the French have expressed their deep reservations about the American-led reforms that have swept the world, and been hailed by everyone except the people.

In particular, the French seem wary of the higher-unemployment reform (sister to the lower-wage reform), the longer-hour reform, the shorter-vacation reform, the make-college-unaffordable reform, the use-replacement-workers reform, and a host of other reforms that American bankers and philantropists have wedged down the collective throats of ingrate populations.

The idiosyncratic French, like the estranged English, the unpredictable Canadians, recalcitrant Russians, pragmatic Poles, and a few billion other paranoids, seem wary of having their standard of living lowered. Many of them wonder, indeed, why it should not be raised, now that the Cold War burden has been lifted.

Americans can only shake their collective heads in disbelief. One American pundit, who asked not to be identified, said, "The minimum wage in France is $6.79 an hour, that's a couple of bucks higher than here, and yet they plan to raise it another dollar. Beginning workers in France get five weeks vacation, instead of the week or two here. How can they hope to compete? Are we supposed to raise our standard of living to accomodate theirs? When are they going to grow up? I just don't get it. If American workers only knew how spoiled French workers are, what a laugh they would have."

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