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Note from A-Infos (D): The following message is taken from an e-mail list of german-speaking anarchists. We do not have any information about the Rosa Antifa Wien but we surpose that it is a group consisting of various undogmatic antifascists from the radical left. The infoshop in the EKH is a place used by a wide spectre of undogmatic socialists to dissemine information and meet.


Leftist autonomous antifascist Groups have occupied a part of the 1st floor of the EKH(Ernst Kirchweger Haus) on May 21st 1997.

The EKH has grown to an autonomous center and the rooms in the 1st floor were empty. These rooms were most important for antifascist work and connections. This house belongs to the KPÖ (the Austrian communist party), and it has been occupied in1990, because progressive people neede place to live and for doing their political work. The KPÖ, which has an account of about 8 billion ATS, and lots of houses, is not willing to share ist ressources with people who want to work against the society we are living in. that`s why the occupation took place. Now, the KPÖ has still rooms in this house and she is trying to gain political influence in the EKH by putting ther e organizations by their own will without asking the inhabitants. This can only mean that they want to put one feet in the house again to gain control over the autonomous leftists and they do not accept the radical political views of them. This is why the KPÖ never wanted to support radical leftists by giving them the infrastructure they need.

It is most important to mention that the 1st floor area was also inhabitated by two Roma families. They were also not very accepted by the KPÖ, because the KPÖ has made a pre-contract with the Dachverband Jugoslawischer Sport-und Kulturvereine( Union of Yugaslavian Sports-and culture organizations) , despite leading negotions with other groups who were interested in these rooms. So they tried to play one against another, and put also the Roma-families in massive danger of being sent back to Bosnia.

In this situation , an occupation seemed to be the only solution toput the KPÖ under pressure in our attempt, to force them to give room to radical leftists and to have a proper climate in negotiations.

We are the Rosa Antifa, and we are interested in the common use of these rooms with other groups and with the Roma-families. The KPÖ must have recognized in the meantime, that these rooms have an enormous importance for us and others.

Inspite of looking for proper solutions everybody can live with the so-called communist party used the burgeois imperialist state apparatus, this means the police, against us. On May 29th 1997 at 5.15 a.m. the KPÖ and 50 members of a police special unit marched into the occupied area and sent out the occupying persons and the Roma-families.

The Roma-families, who have been thrown out of their beds, were not allowed to get to their personal things for more than one day. The KPÖ took aside a 14(!) years old Roma boy and told him that his family has to live at a camping place from now on. This is racist politics of the KPÖ.

The KPÖ is ignoring these facts and is telling the public, that only the occupying groups are responsible for the outthrowing of the Roma. at the opposite we have always tried to give maximum security to the families during the occupation and to protect them from police attacks.

The behaviour of the KPÖ cannot be accepted inside the leftist spectrum and we protest against: the raid of police forces, inacceptable pseudo-negotiations with the occupying groups, negotiations with children. Our protest also aims at the kind of negotiations led by a party which calls itself a communist party. "There is no responsibility for the (Roma)refugees", and the proposal to let the Roma live at a canmping site has disqualified the political ideals of a communist party.

We still insist in a common use of these rooms and ask all leftist goups, initiatives, people....to support us and to show solidarity.

Please send protest-Faxes and E-mails to the KPÖ or call them to ask what the whole shit is about. The numbers are: KPÖ Austria 0222/21742 FAX: 0222/ 21742411 If you want to support our intents to use the rooms in the EKH or against the use of police forces and the acting of the KPÖ, write an E-mail or send us a copy of your protest letter to the KPÖ. Please send this mailto other groups to find a broad support. Power and love, ROSA ANTIFA WIEN P.S. We have no E-mail adress at this time , but we have a post adress:

Rosa Antifa Wien C/o Rosa Lila Tip Linke Wienzeile 102 1060 Wien ## CrossPoint v3.11 ##

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