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Mon, 2 Jun 1997 02:10:49 pst

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The people of Pongso-no-Tao (Orchid Island), continue to face a crisis that means life or death for their people. Radioactive wastes produced by the three nuclear power plants (six reactors) now operating in Taiwan are deposited at the south end of their small island, threatening the 3000 Tao people with extinction. The dump is already leaking into the soil, groundwater and ocean. It is certain that, close to the ocean as the dump is , salt will corrode the facility very quickly, and, as it degrades, more and more radioactive elements will leak into the sea, until no fish will be fit to eat.

lie to the people in the first place, telling them that this was going to be a harbor, or a fish cannery. They have since said that they will remove the dump by next year, but they still have been unable to find anyone willing to take it. Now we learn that Taipower representatives will be in Pongso-no-Tao today to talk with the people. We worry about what they will have to say. Do they plan to take back their promise to remove all of the waste? Do they plan to try what has failed in so many other communities-to get the people to sell their future for a big amount of money?

I have decided to vigil today in front of GE, to let the Tao people know that there is at least one American who is ashamed of his government and the company that he grew up with-GE. I was born in a GE town, my eldest brother was born in another GE town, and the brother after him was born in a GE town . Until the age of five, GE was where my father worked as an engineer, and I was very proud of it.

No more. GE has no conscience. In the United States, as GE is quite aware, we have stopped building nuclear power plants. They are too costly- especially when the cost of waste "disposal" is factored in. In the United States, as GE is quite aware, no permanent site for nuclear has yet been found-it*s the same as here, NOBODY WANTS IT!

So, I say to GE: Until you can find a proper resting place for your dirty poisons, TAKE THEM BACK TO FAIRFIELD CONNECTICUT. Until then, don*t go pushing them on countries where the people have been fooled into thinking that this is a safe technology.


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