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Sat, 31 May 1997 20:43:27 pst

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PNL 6/97: Many Fronts, One Struggle - Prison Legal News, Roisin, Death Penalty D.A. Protest

The following appears in the June 1997 issue of the PEACE NEWSLETTER (PNL), published monthly by the Syracuse Peace Council in Syracuse, New York/USA:


PRISON LEGAL NEWS Thanks to Paul Wright and Dan Pens, the "Peace Newsletter" is both going to jail and seeing the world. State inmates in Monroe, Washington, they co-edit "Prison Legal News" (PLN), which has published monthly since May, 1990. Paul Wright first teamed up in 1989 with imate Ed Mead to create the publication. "Prison Legal News" goes to about 2,300 people in the US and 160 in 28 other countries. Last winter Wright and Pens started getting the "Peace Newsletter" regularly. Wright had received copies before, when his readers would send him one. The September 1996 "Prison Legal News" reprinted "Challenging Evil That Ills This Society: The September, 1995 New York State Prison Strike," our interview with Alvin Johnson/Musaa, then a Dannemore inmate, on the two week protest that commemorated the 1971 Attica Rebellion. Now, Wright confirms that "Prison Legal News" also plans to reprint "Are Cops Who Batter Above the Law? The Lautenberg Gun Ban" (PNL, 3/97), with additional material relating to prison guards, in either July or August. Wright and Pens are working with Common Courage Press in Monroe, Maine, on a 288-page anthology of "Prison Legal News" articles due for Spring 1998 release. Common Courgae publishes such titles as Jennifer Harbury's "Bridge of Courage" about Guatemala, Mumia Abu-Jamal attorney Len Weinglass' "Race for Justice," Philip Berrigan's autobiography "Fighting the Lamb's War," and anti-racist activist Michael Novick's "White Lies, White Power." Wright has also confirmed that the Musaa interview will be included in that upcoming anthology. While "Prison Lgal News"' mailing list was originally handled from Florida by Paul Wright's father, there is now a Seattle office whose volunteers do layout. As noted in the "Seattle Times" (6/6/95), "Prison Legal News" has avoided the general decline in prison newspapers and is one of only a handful still independently published. Its monthly editions are now on-line at <www.synapse.net/~arrakis/pln/pln.html>, and the US Dept. of Justice lists it as a criminal justice resource. Meanwhile, "Prison Legal News" is no longer banned in all Washington state prisons, but Wright reports a new ban on 3rd and 4th class mail. He says prison authorities are "claiming they want to eliminate 'junk mail' but specifically are targeting stuff from non-profits. We'll be filing a class-action suit on that shortly." Subscriptions for "Prison Legal News" are $15 a years for inmates, $20 for non-incarcerated individuals and $50 for institutions. Make checks payable to "Prison Legal News," 2400 NW 80th St., #148, Seattle, WA 98117. Send $1.00 for a sample issue. ********

NEWS FLASH: ROISIN GRANTED BAIL Roisin McAliskey, the 25 year old pregnant daughter of Irish nationalist Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, held six months without charge in a London prison, was released to Whittington Hospital in north London Friday evening, May 23. A London High Court judge granted her one week's bail despite the new Labor government's objection. McAliskey's health had so deteriorated that she was unable to attend her last scheduled court appearance. She has a single police officer at her door. "The Irish Times" (5/24) reported that both she and her baby are expected to need hospital care after delivery. (See PNL 4&5/97; also watch for Laura Flanders' commentary in "The Nation.") For a list of other Irish POW's and how to write to them, contact Nancy Rhodes via the Syrcause Peace Council, 472-5478. (Editor's note: Just before publication we found out that Roisin had a baby girl. Just thought you'd like to know....)



[Caption:] Dozens protested outside the Syracuse OnCenter as Catholic Charities presented D. A. William Fitzpatrick, who favors executions, with their annual humanitarian award. Jail Ministry, a Catholic Charities agency, sponsored the protest. (Photo by Carol Baum.) ********** Nancy is a contributing editor of the PNL. She writes on police violence and human rights issues. **********

The PNL encourages reproduction of our material with the request that you credit the source, do not alter the text, and provide us with a copy of your reprint to the attention of the author, Syracuse Peace Council, 924 Burnet Ave., Syracuse, New York 13203/USA.

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