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Lyn Gerry (redlyn@loop.com)
Sat, 31 May 1997 11:43:12 +0000

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Sintra, Portugal.

A flurry of panic erupted in Washington, D. C., today, as U. S. Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright stepped up diplomatic pressure for the surrender of war criminals. The Kissinger, Schwarzkopf, and MacNamara households were just a few of the locations where bustling activity was seen, as the residents hastily packed and reread brochures on identity changing services available in Panama. The Hank Mengele Rhinoplasty Clinic in Colon reportedly received 200 calls before it was discovered that Albright had specifically restricted her dragnet to the Balkans.

How to deal with Balkan war criminals is only one of the issues that has cleaved an increasingly open split in the Clinton administration. The ultimate question presented is how best to incorporate the fragmented area into the hegemonic structures of the various "peacekeeping" states. At stake is a $100 million loan from the IMF, which hinges, as always, on the condition of stable cheap labor and unimpeded access to resources.

"We would hate to see the investment we made in tearing this region apart go to waste," said a deputy Secretary of State, who declined to be identified. "Everyone knows that when we recognized Croatia as a separate nation, we set the stage for this nightmare. We damned well better get something out of it."

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