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Thu, 29 May 1997 19:26:06 pst

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to: Friends in the Student Movement from: Ben Manski, UW-Madison Alliance for Democracy re: Campus Activism for Democracy - Democracy Teach-Ins

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I - New Push: Student Democracy vs. Corporate Control

"Can we pursue democracy and social justice when corporations are allowed to control so much power and wealth?"

In the last year, more and more folks have learned that the answer is no.

Students in particular, in our many struggles to reform education, expand civil rights, defend human rights, build the labor movement, and protect the environment, have learned that the giant corporation is a great obstacle to social change.

Following on last year's highly succesful Democracy Teach-In (October 13-19, 1996), a new wave of Teach-In's are planned for the Spring of 1998, March 1-7. Last fall, some 40+ campuses and thousands of students across North America participated in a coordinated series of mass educational events and actions that exposed and explored how giant corporations are ruining our educational system, and our world at large. The new wave of Teach-Ins will be even larger and better organized.

Please Read On & Find Out How You Can Get In the Loop on the Next Wave of Mass Education:

~ ~ ~ The Democracy Teach-In, 1998 ~ ~ ~

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II - The Democracy Teach-In Listserv

To get in the loop re: the ongoing organizing for the Democracy Teach-In, all you need to to do is subscribe to our listserv. Currently there are several hundred students, educators, and community activists across North America participating in this listserv, and message load varies from light to heavy, depending on subject matter and time of year. To subscribe, send the following message:

to: listproc@envirolink.org from: subject: ----------------------------------------------- subscribe corporations <<your name>>

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III - Full Schedule of Coordinated Action for the Teach-In

August 1,2 - August Planning Retreat - Milwaukee - 10 representatives from each region of North America, 50 representatives in all, will come together to develop a common understanding of the problems of education today as they relate to such basic questions as diversity, access, democratic process, and corporate power. The Planning Retreat will also serve to prepare the way for the . . .

November 1,2 - November Organizing Conference - Antioch, Ohio - A continental organizing conference of students, education workers, and community activists intended to bring together upwards of 300 folks to: PLAN out, CROSS-TRAIN for, and PUBLICIZE the . . .

March 1-7 - Democracy Teach-In, 1998 - A second wave of the Democracy Teach-In, larger and better prepared than ther first, mroe inclusive in its organization - A Teach-In which has the potential to reach not merely thousands of students, as did the first, but hundreds of thousands of folk, if organized properly. In holding this second wave of the Teach-In, we can make possible the founding of a new student movement, a movement which understands diverse issues within the common rubric of popular democracy. These Teach-Ins, then, will create for each participating campus a broader and deeper base of support for democratic action later in the Spring . . .

May 1 - May Day of Action Against Corporate Domination

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Again, to get in the loop, subscribe to the Democracy Teach-In listserv and join along.

Get on the bandwagon.

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