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Tue, 27 May 1997 22:39:56 -0400 (edt)

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Christopher Lee Plummer is an anti-racist revolutionary doing hard time in the Texas prison system. As an outspoken prisoner, Chris has come under fire from prison administration and neo-nazi prison gangs for his organizing work and direct action with the United Anarchist Front & Cell One, a revolutionary prisoners' cadre.


The prison system is not for rehabilitation - it's for warehousing, social control and colonial domination over millions. How many Fortune 500 execs are locked down for robbing the land and the people? Not many. In fact, prisons is made up disproportionately of Africans, Raza and impoverished whites. In the continuing war against oppression, colonialism and genocide, every person's incarceration is political! Thus it's all the more important to support prisoners willing to organize and speak out against the conditions they face.


Chris is seeking your support in his battle. He needs books for a lending library he's establishing for prisoners, contacts to network with the struggle and anyone willing to give a hand. Get in touch and get active!

Christopher Lee Plummer PP #677345, Hughes Unit Rt. 2, Box 4400 Gatesville, TX 76597 (note new address as of 5/97)

Chris Plummer Support Group c/o Amy Lord PO Box 21142 Spokane, WA 99201 1-509-323-0925

Black Fist - PO Box 980582 - Houston, TX 77098-0582 FIGTH RACISM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

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