(en) South Korean Students Bury Fallen Comrade

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Mon, 26 May 1997 20:59:26 -0400 (EDT)

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Coffin Paraded By Collegians In Kwangju Rally

KWANGJU, South Korea - Thousands of radical students armed with iron bars and firebombs paraded the coffin of a colleague through the streets of this city Friday. The steel coffin of Yoo Jae Ul, who died during a protest in March, has become a rallying point for anti-government demonstrations in a city that has just completed anniversary mourning rites for the 1980 Kwangju massacre. Tension between protesters and police increased in the early evening, but violent clashes were avoided as students wrapped up their funeral rites in the streets in pouring rain and headed toward the cemetery on the city's outskirts. In the past week, students made a series of attempts to stage a funeral procession but were beaten back in pitched battles with riot police ringing the campus. The coffin was sitting in a pickup truck parked on the campus of a local university since May 16.

(Source: The Japan Times, Sunday, May 25, 1997)

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