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Tue, 27 May 1997 10:47:49 +0100

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From: "Autonoom Centrum" <ac@xs4all.nl> Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 13:56:05 +0000 Subject: Aktion during Eurotop

On Monday, June 16, there will be an action at the border prison 'Grenshospitium' ('border lodgement') in Amsterdam South East organised bij the Autonoom Centrum.

During the European summit Amsterdam has an area that could well be described as a prison: it's area near the Dutch Bank. The Bank itself is the Fortress where the Dutch State guards its gold, and where Europe's political elite will gather on Jue 16 and 17. Hardly anyone will be allowed to enter the area. The elite decides on the future of the European Union, that more and more is turning into a prison for its inhabitants. The elite will also decide on people that in future will come to Europe in an attempt to escape their miserable or life threatening conditions, which are partially caused by the policy of the European Union. In the plans of the EU there is no place for them in Europe, and they are no longer allowed to enter Europe legally.

On the other side of town we can still find the border prison. A prison for those at the bottom of society who's access to Europe hve been denied or who are about to be deported. The border prison symbolises the place that more and more refugees can get within the EU: a cell, waiting for deportation or illegalisation.

We want to connect those two extremes to each other. From the elite prison we will go (by bike) to the border prison: from one exclusion to the other! We will pass the Dutch Bank as close as possible, and go right through other areas where safety measures have been taken by the authorities. With this route we want to break through the myth of free traffic within the EU. We will end the demonstration at the place where the medieval conception of 'hospitium' and Fortress Europe became a 20th century reality.

At the prison we want to demonstrate in a playful and spectacular way. Because the conception 'hospitium' is rooted in the Middle Ages we want to give form to our protest in a creative way. Some medieval tools are yet under construction, but we are hoping for more. We want to call on everybody to make the action into a succes.

Symbol 1: The Dutch Bank The Dutch Bank stands for the (Dutch) banking system and the domination ofcapital. On June 15 and 16 the European Summit will take place in the Dutch Bank (of: On June 15 and 16 European government leaders will decide here about the future of all of us.) One of the things the European Summit will decide about is who will get access to Europe and who won't. Who will get chances and who won't.

Symbol 2: The 'Grenshospitium'

The 'Grenshospitium', or rather the border-jail, stands for the Dutch andEuropean policy to exclude refugees and migrants. Innocent undocumentedpeople who have been round up in Holland, as well as refugees are beinglocked up here. Human Rights become a farce.

Symbol 3: Siege of Amsterdam

We will encircle the border-jail with playful effects. Gather at Holendrecht Metro station at 18.00h. At 16.00h. a cycle demonstration will start from the Heinekenplein to the border-jail via the restricted areas around the Dutch Bank. At the border-jail several events will take place, among others: - Drum the Walls, the building will be surrounded and beaten away by the sound of the drums, so bring your djembe's, bendirs, drums, etc.. - Communication with tennisballs - A secret weapon - Digging a Eurotunnel: tunnel to freedom - Acrobatics, Balloons, Wall-paintings - Use your own creativity and think up your own activity. The whole eventshould be spectacular, playful and at the border of character. - Cooking-collective Rampenplan will prepare soup to add to the fighting spirit

For more information and/or suggestions:

Autonoom Centrum Bilderdijkstraat 165F 1053 KP Amsterdam tel. 0031.206126172 fax. 0031.206168967 email: ac@xs4all.nl WWW: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ac

PS - We are trying to get bicycles for people who do not have one or who come from too far away to take their own. If you already know you want to participate and you want to use a bike as well, just let us know. At this moment we cannot promise we will get enough bikes, but at least it would give us some clue on how many bikes extra we need.


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