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(STOCKHOLM/ANNCOL) In a communique received at the New Colombia News Agency (ANNCOL), the JURIDICAL FREEDOM ASSOCIATION, a Colombian human rights NGO, reported the disappearance last Thursday of RAMON ALBERTO OSORIO BELTRAN, a leader of the Communist Party of Colombia and of Sintrainagro (the banana workers' union), as well as the desappearence of his five-year-old son RAMON ALBERTO OSORIO ESPITIA.

* * *

RAMON OSORIO is [the] banana workers' union leader of the Urab=E1 region, in the North of Colombia, a member of the Comunist Party and of the left alliance Patriotic Union. Since 1990, both movements have been practically wiped out physically in Urab=E1 with almost a thousand leaders and militants murdered. Today, no council members from the left movement occupy their places in the councils of Urab=E1 for fear of their lives.

In this political environment of terrible persecution of communists and leftists, Ramon Osorio was leading the Plancha 8 in the internal elections of the Unitary Workers Central (Central Unitaria de Trabjadores -- CUT), at the end of October last year. But it was not possible to finish the electoral campaign.


In a letter to the CUT leadership on October 21 1996, Ram=F3n Osorio made the following denunciation:

"A campaign of terror and physical annihilation is in progress, under which the compa=F1eros PEDRO MOSQUERA and ALIRIO ALZATE of the section of Carepa were murdered last October 15. JOS=C9 ARRIETA and JOS=C9 L=D3PEZ, of the section of Turbo were murdered on October 19 and 20, respectively."


"On Tuesday, April 15, 1997, at approximately 3:00 PM, RAMON ALBERTO OSORIO BELTRAN was with his 5-year-old son RAMON ALBERTO OSORIO BELTRAN ESPITIA in the Municipality of Bello, from which he went to visit the El Poblado neighborhood in Medellin to carry out his duties as a union leader. This was the last time we had news of him, so we fear for his life and physical integrity, since he has long been the target of a strong and systematic persecution by judicial and military authorities, all of them to interfere with his activities as a unionist and as a political leader", says the communique of the Colombian jurists.


The life of the unionist is one of great dangers. A month ago there occurred the murder at the peasant union headquarters in Bogot=E1 of VICTOR GARZ=D3N, General Secretary of FENSUAGRO. GARZ=D3N was also a Comunist Party leader.

Garz=F3n had led the enormous peasant demonstrations in the South of Colombia during August and September 1996 against the fumigation of illegal cultivations. More than 200.000 peasants participated in these successful actions. The Army and its intelligence accused Garz=F3n and other agrarian leaders of actually being guerrilla leaders,an extremely serious accusation in a country like Colombia.

About ten peasant leaders and negotiators have been murdered in the last 6 months. FENSUAGRO, to which the banana worker's union is affiliated, has denounced that paramilitary forces have been transferred to the zones where the peasants mobilized last year, spreading horror and death.

The JURIDICAL FREEDOM ASSOCIATION of Colombia requests that public opinion address the Colombian authorities as soon as possible to demand that they:

a) Respect the life and physical integrity of RAMON ALBERTO OSORIO BELTRAN and his 5-year-old son RAMON ALBERTO OSORIO ESPITIA, freeing them immediately.

b) Investigate these facts leading to the punishment of those responsible for these forced disapearances.

c) Guarantee the free exercice of union activities, of political opposition and defense of human rights being carried on by members of Andas, Sintrainagro and the C.C.P., and that has been the object of multiple attacks and persecutions.

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(STOCKHOLM/ANNCOL) En un comunicado llegado a la Agencia de Noticias Nueva Colombia, ANNCOL, La Corporacion Juridica Libertad, organismo no gubernamental colombiano de derechos humanos, dio a conocer el Jueves pasado la desaparicion del se=F1or RAMON ALBERTO OSORIO BELTRAN, dirigente del Partido Comunista de Colombia y de Sintrainagro (sindicato bananero), asi como de su hijo de cinco a=F1os RAMON ALBERTO OSORIO ESPITIA.

* * *

RAMON OSORIO es dirigente bananero de la martirizada regi=F3n Urab=E1, en el norte de Colombia, miembro del Partido Comunista y la alianza de izquierda, Uni=F3n Patri=F3tica. Dos movimientos que desde 1990 han sido pr=E1cticamente eliminado f=EDsicamente en Urab=E1 con cas=ED mil dirigentes y militantes asesinados. Actualmente no hay ning=FAn consejal del movimiento de izquierda que ocupa su lugar en los consejos de Urab=E1 por temor de sus vidas

=46u=E9 en ese clima polit=EDco y de terrible persecuci=F3n contra los comunistas y gente de izquierda que Ramon Osorio encabezaba la Plancha 8 en las elecciones internas de la Central Unitaria de Trabjadores, a final de Octubre el a=F1o pasado. Pero nu fu=E9 posible de terminar la campa=F1a electoral.


En una carta a la direcci=F3n de la CUT el 21 de Octubre 1996, Ram=F3n Osorio hizo la seguiente denuncia: "Esta en desarollo una campa=F1a de terror y de aniqu=EDlamiento f=EDsico, dentro de la cual han sido asesinados los compa=F1eros PEDRO MOSQUERA y ALIRIO ALZATE de la seccional de Carepa el pasado 15 de Octubre. Los compa=F1eros JOS=C9 ARRIETA y JOS=C9 L=D3PEZ, de la seccional de Turbo fueron asesinados el 19 respectivamente 20 de Octubre". .