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Sun, 25 May 1997 07:14:07 pst

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============================= Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 13:02:22 -0700 (PDT) From: Lester <maxim@netcom.com>

Air Force Secretary Sheila Widnall said yesterday that she had decided to grant a general discharge to Lieut. Kelly Flynn "to protect the Air Force core values." In response to the explosion of laughter this remark caused, and the shouts of "Dresden," "Hiroshima," "Hanoi," "Cambodia," "Basra," "Tripoli," "El Chorillo," Dr. Widmall reddened, but maintained a straight face.

Lieut. Flynn, the country's first female B-52 pilot has agreed to accept the Air Force's offer of a general discharge, rather than face a court-martial for charges of having been in love, for having befriended a non-commissioned officer, and for generally undermining the high standards of integrity set by the Air Force.

Although it is the adultery charge that has received the greatest public focus, it is the allegation of fraternization -- that is, having befriended a man who was not an officer -- that has been of principal concern of traditionalists in the Air Force.

Ms. Flinn, an academy graduate, "most distinguished" in her class at B-52 training school, was exactly what the Air Force wanted in its women: a self-described over-achiever who would eagerly incinerate a village in country she had never heard of, without losing a moment's sleep over it.

Today's result was less than either side had hoped for, but it ends an embarrassing ordeal for both sides, and smoothes the way for the Air Force to return to its important work of dropping explosive charges on huddled and horrified civilians who are guilty of living in countries designated as dictatorships.

Lester S.

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