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Organise!, the new International Workers Assosiation Section in Northern Ireland, has issued an appeal for immediate financial solidarity.

Organise! is in immediate need to aid them in producing large quantities literature as political developments in Northern Ireland have been taking a turn for the worse.

With the marching and demonstrating season about to take place the anarcho-syndicalist comrades are presented with an opportunity to reach thousands upon thousands of people. Last years marching season, Organise! informs us, "drove many working class people into the arms of the Loyalist or Republican groups and with the subsequent upsurge in violence this year will see a return to sectarian warfare."

The Irish IWA Section needs your support as "it is vitally important that the voice of anarcho-syndicalism be heard at a time when class politics are forgotten about in the rush for people to align themselves along sectarian political lines."

Please send your donation directly to: Organise!/IWA PO Box 505 Belfast, BT12 6BQ Northern Ireland

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