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EUREKA (CA)---Thirty Headwaters protesters filed police brutality charges against the Eureka Police Department, and other law enforcement agencies, including the Humboldt County Sheriff and California Highway Patrol, Friday, May 16.

Seventy-six peaceful nonviolent protesters were arrested and mistreated while in custody, Nov. 15 (1996), after law enforcement, charged a Headwaters demonstration of about 450 people near Eureka, without provocation. Charges against the demonstrators---for "illegal assembly"---were subsequently dropped.

"They wanted to violate the law---that's part of their message," declared Terry Farmer, the county's district attorney. "Our message back to them is that they're going to be held accountable for doing so." The demonstrators were mostly families with children, and elderly citizens.

Terry Farmer is the husband of Bonnie Neely, a county supervisor, state board of forestry member and longtime proponent of Headwaters logging, who also objects to establishment of a police review board.

The American Homeless Society supports all efforts to protect the environment from abuse and misuse. Boycott Eureka! for its destructive environmental policies, and for its mistreatment of Headwaters activists and the homeless.

Letters supporting this global boycott should be mailed to:

Humboldt County Grand Jury 825-5th Street Eureka CA 95501

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