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Andrea Stauffacher Is Free!

Statement From 'Revolutionaerer Aufbau Schweiz'

"Solidarity Is A Weapon!"

After 14 days of detention, our comrade was released from jail last Thursday. In order to substantiate his claims which had kept her in custody, the state prosecutor summoned all 130 persons arrested on May Day to court. This was an attempt to substantiate his claims that Andrea S. had been the ringleader that day. But most of the young protestors didn't say what the state authorities wanted to hear. Most gave political statements about the political struggle of May Day and the brutal attack by the riot police. The class justice system, spurred on by the bourgeois media and social democratic smear campaigns, tried once again to put someone from Revolutionaerer Aufbau Schweiz' on trial. But they failed. To illustrate that point, a statement from our comrade on her prison conditions is reprinted below. For months, there was a media smear campaign against the Revolutionary Bloc at the May Day demo and the After Demo ('Nachdemonstration') on May 1st. The Social Democratic Party called on the state's forces to "neutralize" the revolutionary and anti-fascist forces. The attack by riot police, after surrounding the demo on a bridge, using tear gas, water cannons, and clubs (CNN broadcast these images to the world, with the commentary: "The Swiss police were just as active as their counterparts in Turkey.") was followed by the mass arrests and the repression against one well-known comrade. But despite their attempts, they were helpless to stop this proletarian mobilization. Because: Capitalism has no failures, it is the failure! The mobilization by the antifa-spectrum in Niederdorf (more than 1,000 people), the Revolutionary Bloc (more than 1,000 people), and the After Demo (around 3,000 people) on May 1st speak volumes! The same is true of the mobilizations overseas. Determined strikes and workers' struggles, like the 500 Liverpool dockers and the "Women from the Waterfront", occupations and holding the boss hostage in banks and factories in France, militant workers' demos in Germany, Belgium, France, etc. The same is also true of the broad solidarity after our comrade was arrested: several solidarity telegrams from other countries, solidarity greetings from various political groups, the banner at the Hirscheneck Restaurant in Basel, the many visitors to the info event in Basel, the posters that were stuck up all over Milan, etc. These concrete forms of support are not only important forms of protection and a source of strength for political prisoners. They are also expressions that, despite different conditions and political positions, repression cannot stop solidarity, the proletarian class, or the resistance against attacks by the capitalist state. May 18, 1997 Revolutionaerer Aufbau - Zurich, Switzerland aufbau@access.ch http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/9082/

Notes From Prison

By Andrea Stauffacher

From years of experience in working with the struggles of political prisoners, we have learned that conveying concrete conditions can be part of the foundation for taking on political initiatives or winning them back. For that reason, I'd like to briefly describe the situation of my arrest on May 1, 1997. The mood was very aggressive and turbulent right from the beginning. Both police units (Stapo and Kapo) were at odds with one another as to who should be in charge and who would get the credit for their "success". Today, both are still involved. During the raid on my house, they fought over who could take the most stuff with them, and over who possessed the monopoly on violence in this country. The house and garden were "secured" by uniformed Kapo cops. Both my hands and feet were bound, and I was held to the ground by armed cops and pushed around by them as they generally tried to prevent me from protecting my interests as 7 nosy cops (both Kapos and Stapos) did their thing. Despite their overwhelming advantage, they only partially succeeded! True, armed cops at my side, they forcefully kept my head down, but I entered the jail with a raised fist, and one experience richer! I was alleged to be an "important ringleader", who, according to police, had to be "taken out of action". Two cops had to be present each time my cell door was opened; when I left my cell, my hands were always cuffed behind my back; my time in the yard was always alone, except for the cops there watching me; my cell was raided while I took a shower or walked in the yard or met with my lawyer; full body searches (or attempts!) after every lawyer visit; ... For 5 days, there was no local lawyer who wanted to touch the case. I'm not describing this situation because I am angry, but rather from a struggling consciousness and the belief that one can learn a lot from, and be strengthened by, concrete experiences. The struggle continues!


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