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World News Review Special Edition WNR 17-5-97b

REVOLT IN VLADIVOSTOK ******************************************************** Contents

Russia: Protests Over Vladivostok Power Dispute at 'Boiling Point' Russia: Maritime Kray Miners Threaten Disruption Over Unpaid Wages Russia: Maritime District Power Station Runs Out of Fuel

*************************************************************** Russia: Protests Over Vladivostok Power Dispute at 'Boiling Point'

Moscow Komsomolskaya Pravda in Russian 15 May 97 pp 1-2

Subslug: Report by Natalya Ostrovskaya: "State of Emergency in Vladivostok: 'Turn On the Lights, Or We'll Bring Down the Authorities!'"

Vladivostok -- The mass disturbances in Maritime Kray have reached boiling point. The schools are closed, the medics expect epidemics, bandits control the paralyzed city by night. At a press conference at Vladivostok City Hall, Deputy Mayor Yuriy Kopylov explained to journalists the reasons for the imposition of a state of emergency in the city -- "in connection with the artificially created energy crisis and the criminal actions of the leadership of the Dalenergo Joint-Stock Company." Kopylov believes that in fact Vladivostok has a sufficient quantity of fuel for the power stations. "We will impose the most rigorous administrative sanctions against those who are leaving the city without heat and light," he stated. "Down with the misters! Bring back the comrades, and electricity at 2 kopeks!" This is the third evening that the people of Vladivostok have taken to the city's main highway with this and other revolutionary slogans. And blocked it. Traffic jams that last for hours, conflicts between rioters and enraged motorists.... The free-for- all is at the moment being kept in check by reinforced detachments of police and traffic officers. By midnight the people disperse, promising to return the next day.... After getting his bearings operationally, Vice Premier Anatoliy Kulikov, who arrived in Maritime Kray yesterday, did not go to the rebel city. He turned off halfway from the airport in the direction of the state dachas, where he hid himself, out of the reach of outsiders. The people are protesting the endless power cuts, which have taken on the nature of a disaster. The city's dermatological and venereal disease clinic poured untested blood into the sewerage system -- it had gone off in the hospital's switched-off refrigerators. After which the health and epidemiology service warned of possible encounters with syphilis pathogens in the waters of the Amur Gulf. The kindergartens are closing. The Vladivostok City Hall education administration has called on all adults to keep their children with them -- just in case. Economic managers who are losing billions, tired of the squabbling between Dalenergo and the local authorities, have turned to the prosecutor's office and the FSB [Federal Security Service] for the truth (where is the money? where is the fuel oil?). The power workers, driven into a corner, have promised a brighter life some time around...September. Calls for a "dictatorship" are getting louder. Having forgotten what money looks like, the long-suffering collective of the Vladivostok No. 2 Heat and Electric Power Station along with their director Boris Ilchuk have proposed that "full power be concentrated for a 10-day period in the hands of kray Governor Yevgeniy Nazdratenko, with all the power and financial structures being placed in subordination to his will." And this in spite of the fact that Vladivostok Mayor Viktor Cherepkov is still with us! It would be interesting to know what Sasha Ignatyev, a worker at the Nagornaya pit in Partizansk, would have to say about that. Three weeks ago, 23 April, he refused to leave the pit, and is staging a one-man protest there underground. Tomorrow his comrades in misfortune will take to Vladivostok's central square to try to extract six months' wage arrears with their helmets. The Maritime Kray miners are still not dispatching coal to the power stations.


Russia: Maritime Kray Miners Threaten Disruption Over Unpaid Wages

Moscow Radio Rossii Network in Russian 0900 GMT 15 May 97

A protest rally against the nonpayments crisis in Maritime Kray was held today in the miners' settlement of Tavrichanka. The miners blamed the territory's administration, in particular Governor Yevgeniy Nazdratenko, for what is happening. They unanimously voted to adopt an appeal to President Boris Yeltsin requesting him to urgently intervene in the situation that has taken shape in Maritime Kray. In a resolution adopted on the outcome of the rally, the miners also announced they are prepared to resort to acts of disobedience by blocking Vladivostok airport, the Trans- Siberian Railway, and major highways in the area.


Russia: Maritime District Power Station Runs Out of Fuel

Moscow NTV in Russian 1000 GMT 15 May 97

Subslug: From the "Segodnya" newscast

ITAR-TASS reports, quoting a spokesman for the Dalenergo [Far East Power] company, that the Partizanskiy District Power Station stopped operating at 1600 local time. It has completely ran out of fuel. The other power stations have fuel stocks to last for just 12-18 hours. No one can say what will happen when this coal runs out.

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