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World News Review WNR 17-5-97a


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1 Vladivostok: Kulikov on Inspection Visit amid barricades, street protests and violent clashes. 2 Russia: Vladivostok Power Workers Demand Emergency Measures ******************************************************* Vladivostok: Kulikov on Inspection Visit amid barricades, street protests and violent clashes.

Moscow NTV in Russian 0800 GMT 14 May 97 >From the "Segodnya" program presented by Grigoriy Krichevskiy

In Vladivostok today disturbances and clashes between protesters and the police caused by the energy crisis are continuing. Despite the fact that the mayor declared a state of emergency, Viktor Cherepkov and his deputy have not yet started talks with the ralliers who have blocked the town's main roads for the third time this week. Interior Minister Anatoliy Kulikov is in the Far East on an inspection visit. He is checking tax collections for the state budget. Here is our own correspondent in Vladivostok Ilya Zimin. [Zimin, over video of crowds in Vladivostok] The interior minister who arrived today in Vladivostok was forced to change his route. The meeting was held at Conference Building in the countryside, perhaps because the residents were blocking traffic on one of the busiest thoroughfares of the town which was to be used by the minister. For the third day, instead of taking their ordinary evening rest, people are now taking to the streets, demanding from the local authorities that they fulfill their duties. Every time there are more and more pickets. This enables them to block not just main roads but also to stop the cars which are trying to by- pass the pickets through the back streets. In fact, most drivers understand and support the pickets. [passage omitted: women shouting in the crowds and interviews with indignant public] [Krichevskiy in studio] Today Kulikov is holding a meeting with the law-enforcement bodies of the Maritime Territory. [Begin recording over video of unidentified correspondent addressing Kulikov] [Correspondent] To which areas in the Far East do you attach the most importance. Which ones need the most of your attention? [Kulikov] Perhaps where they produce [word indistinct] sea food, where fishing is important. That is mainly the Maritime Region, as far as I know, and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. These are two main areas where more attention needs to be given to the customs committee, the export control committee and the tax service. [end recording]

********************************************************** Russia: Vladivostok Power Workers Demand Emergency Measures

Vladivostok Radio Vladivostok Network in Russian 0210 GMT 13 May 97 >From the "Running Over the Waves" program for women

The situation in the Maritime Kray's fuel and power industry complex reached a critical point today. Here is the letter sent by power engineering workers to the Russian Federation Fuel and Energy Ministry over the signatures of Ilchuk, director of the TETs [Heat and Electric Power Station]-2; Korotkov, chairman of the TETs-2 trade union committee, and Shevkunov, chairman of the strike committee: Power engineering workers of the Vladivostok TETs-2 categorically oppose the shutdown of electric power stations in Maritime Kray. By a decision of the Primorskugol [Maritime Kray Coal] joint stock association deliveries of coal to electric power stations in the kray have been stopped, apparently to counter deliveries by small coal mines. This will bring about the complete shutdown of power generating units within the next 24 to 30 hours. Power engineering workers did everything possible from 1 to 13 May in order to avert stoppage of electric power stations. Stoppage of the power stations can lead to unpredictable consequences and affect the health and lives of the population. As the recent 12 May 1997 conference of heads of administrations of kray cities and rayons showed, executive authorities at all levels are incapable of solving the minimal task -- pay out wages for January and February 1997 to coal miners and power engineering workers and thereby check disintegration and win time to solve questions affecting vital activities in Maritime Kray. We are sure that the time has come to announce a state of emergency in the kray, including the adoption of concrete measures to preserve electric power stations in operating condition. For a period of 10 days all power should be concentrated in one person -- the kray governor -- and all power and finance structures of the kray should be subject to his decisions. On behalf of the kray's power engineering workers, the Dalenergo joint stock association, the Primorskaya GRES joint stock association, and the Dalenergostroy joint stock association, we consider it necessary to make this proposal to the kray governor and request that he address the current situation and the need to adopt energetic measures in an appearance before the people of the kray.

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