(en) Anarchist Economics: Visions for a libertarian economy.

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Anarchist Economics: Visions for a libertarian economy.

A teach-in with Jon Bekken

What is the importance of an economic vision? What are the possibilities which a libertarian economic vision would turn? Who are some key individuals in anarchist economic thinking (Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin)? What are some examples of libertarian economic practice (Spain, collectives)?

The libertarian economy, as an alternative to the national and international monopolies of the total corporate state, proposes self-management and co-operation in the economic sphere. On the one hand, it envisages dynamic self-management in large urban industries, and on the other, the creation of collective agro-industrial complexes in the countryside, in order to integrate and diversify the economies of different areas in a co-operative manner. Natural and human resources would be harmonized to reduce the rural exodus, promote ecological sustainablity, and to maintain full employment. In both cases the libertarian economy would be capable of creating a social, ecological, and participatory economy.

Mr. Bekken is a well accomplished syndicalist activist. He presides on the editorial collective of the Libertarian Labor Review, an independent anarcho-syndicalist magazine. He is also editor of the Industrial Worker, monthly newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). He is also a professor of communication and journalism at Suffolk University, were he teaches journalism skills, the political economy of media, and communication history.

May 25, 1pm till 6 with a half hour break. 2170 Bishop, Simone De Beauvior Institute, metro Guy-Concordia. Please sign up in advance, there is a 30 persons maximum. For more information, 848-7585.

This event is brought to you by The Anarchism Study Group at QPIRG-Concordia and the Atlantic Anarchist Circle. For more information please contact the study group.

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