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To teachers everywhere on the International Day of the Teacher

May 14, 1997 San Diego, USA

Dear colleague,

Congratulations on all the activities you have created for the "Day of the Teacher". Here in San Diego we are also working to improve the lives of students and to protect the rights of teachers working in our public schools. On this important day we also want to inform teachers and students from Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe about a simple, but profound project.

We invite you to participate in the effort to build a school for Indian children in the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas. Since beginning a seemingly impossible rebellion three years ago, the indigenous people of Chiapas have survived and are moving forward with an ambitious educational project. Their struggle for human dignity has inspired international attention and welcomes your support.

This summer teams of Mexicans and internationalists will work with the Indians of Chiapas to build a popular, bilingual education center in the Zapatista civilian community of Oventic. This Junior High School will provide a new style of education for Indian youth and will be directly administered by civilian indigenous Zapatistas. You can live and work directly in a Mayan village for ten days or you can help from home.

We are excited to facilitate the involvement of others in the inspiring process of social change sweeping Chiapas and all of Mexico. We know from personal experience that every participant on a construction team, like those who support us from home, will gain far more from our indigenous Mayan hosts they could ever give back.

Join us in the highland of Chiapas!

Yours for children,

Peter Brown, Director

ps. If you know of a teacher who cares deeply for her students and has a heart big enough to send a pencil or a poem, a book or a buck to the indigenous children of Chiapas, please make a copy of this greeting and send it along to that very special teacher!


Chanobvun ta Oventic Aguas Calientes II Jkoltavanejetik ta Smeltzanel Los Equipos de Construcci=F3n para las Escuelas en Chiapas Chiapas School Construction Teams Equipes de constructions pour des ecoles au Chiapas Konjtruktionsteams fuer eine indigene Schule in Chiapas

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