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Mon, 12 May 1997 04:58:07 -0400 (EDT)

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Solidarity With Angela Stauffacher!

On May Day 1997 in Zurich, Switzerland, Angela Stauffacher, a leading member of the revolutionary collective "Aufbau", was arrested by police after part of the May 1st demo was surrounded by riot police. This surrounding of the demo ('Einkesselung') was supposedly to hinder militant actions "before they happened", according to police commander Marcel Bebie during a May 2 press conference. Massive police presence and planning by the Swiss police turned May Day into a virtual state of emergency zone. Anyone who looked "suspicious" was detained by police even before the demo began. The main police deployment was around the train stations of Winterhur and Zurich. Then the cops surrounded the demo on the Sihl Bridge. The police knew that this would cause a panic, with bad consequences. There were also firemen and sea police stationed near the bridge. The 130 comrades who were arrested, including Angela Stauffacher, were taken in busses to the police station. They were interrogated and documented until 9 at night. Now they face charges of "participating in a illegal demonstration". Further repression could follow, because the entire demo was filmed by the cops, and this film is now being analyzed. Of the original arrestees, only Angela Stauffacher remained in custody. According to the authorities, she is part of the "hard core" of Zurich's autonome scene. She is being charged with destruction of property and riot. The capitalist press in Switzerland decided to spread its own lies as well about Angela Stauffacher. The TAS on 4.5.1997 reported that the sister of one of Angela's friends was killed while fighting as a PKK guerrilla in 1993. The Sonntagszeitung that same day tried to link Angela to some graffiti that was written in front of a reporter's house. But that's not all. According to a report by the Zurich Senate concerning the confrontations on May Day 1996, hints are dropped that Angela Stauffacher was mainly responsible. Angela Stauffacher has faced repression for her political orientation for years. The 47-year-old social worker has been convicted of riot charges in the past. In 1994, she lost her job when she had to spend a month in prison. Now it seems that she is being made an example of yet again. The case of Angela Stauffacher needs to be publicized outside of Zurich! Angela Stauffacher needs our solidarity! If you'd like to write to her in prison, she is being held at:

Andrea Stauffacher c/o Kantonspolizei Polizeigefaengnis CH-8004 Zurich Switzerland

Revolutionaeren Aufbau Zurich "Newspaper for Revolutionary Class and Women's Struggle!" aufbau@access.ch http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/9082/

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