(en) CIA Operated Spy Plane Reportedly Aided Peru Embassy Rescue

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Mon, 12 May 1997 00:14:48 -0400 (EDT)

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CIA Operated Spy Plane Reportedly Aided Peru Embassy Rescue

WASHINGTON, May 5 (AFP) - A CIA-operated spy plane was used to track the movements of Tupac Amaru rebels and their hostages at the Japanese embassy in Lima that was assaulted by Peruvian forces, it was reported Monday. Aviation Week and Space Technology said an Air Force RG-8A aircraft operated by the Central Intelligence Agency used a forward-looking infrared camera at night to monitor the 72 hostages and their 14 rebel guards. The 29-foot single engine aircraft makes very little noise and has been used for years in clandestine operations and by the U.S. Coast Guard in anti-drug operations. Besides its infrared camera, the U.S.-built Schweizer aircraft comes eqipped with high resolution television cameras or multispectral sensors that observe non-visible light, the publication said. The aircraft was able to detect rebel-planted mines and booby traps as well, according to Aviation Week, which cited no sources for its report. Peruvian special forces stormed the embassy April 22, rescuing all but one of the 72 hostages and killing the rebels. Two Peruvian soldiers were killed in the attack.

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