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"Nigeria; Nazi Germany of the 90s" - Ibrahim H. Muhammed

Global Day of Action Against Shell Oil

The Free Nigeria Movement (FNM) in conjunction with Project Underground, Speak Out, 50 Years is Enough and the National Conscience Party of Nigeria (NCP) invite you to participate in a global day of action against Shell Oil on Wednesday, May 14th, 1997.

This day of action is motivated by the flagrant abuse and disregard of human rights and the environment by Shell oil in Nigeria and other less developed countries:

On that date we ask you to undertake any and/or all of the following actions:

1. Picket a Shell Oil gas station or office in your locality. 2. Write a letter to Shell Oil in your country condemning their international environmental and human rights atrocities and asking them to pull out from Nigeria. 3. Write a letter to your elected official (Local, State and/or National) calling for an embargo of Nigerian products. 4. Collect petition signatures against Shell Oil s exploitation and environmental degradation of Nigeria and other less developed countries. 5. Conduct an educational session on the activities of Shell Oil in Nigeria and other less developed countries, and show why a boycott of Shell products and services is necessary.

For more information on the day of action, sample petitions, letters and information on Shell Oil in Nigeria, visit the Website of the Free Nigeria Movement at http://pw2.netcom.com/~fnm or send an email to the FNM at FNM@ix.netcom.com. You can also send all signed and completed petitions and letters to the Free Nigeria Movement at P.O. Box 441395, Indianapolis, IN 46244 for onward transmission to Shell Oil.

No to Environmental Degradation and Corporate Irresponsibility! Long live freedom! Long live Justice! Long live Liberty!

On behalf of the Free Nigeria Movement, Tunde Okorodudu Mukhtar Dan'Iyan President, FNM Secretary-General, FNM

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