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Thu, 8 May 1997 20:05:14 -0400 (EDT)

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Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 18:00:26 -0500 From: Free Nigeria Movement <FNM@ix.netcom.com> Subject: Global Day of Action against Shell Oil...

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"Nigeria; Nazi Germany of the 90s" - Ibrahim H. Muhammed=20

Global Day of Action Against Shell Oil

=09The Free Nigeria Movement (FNM) in conjunction with Project Underground, Speak Out, 50 Years is Enough and the National Conscience Party of Nigeria (NCP) invite you to participate in a global day of action against Shell Oil on Wednesday, May 14th, 1997.=20 =09 =09This day of action is motivated by the flagrant abuse and disregard of human rights and the environment by Shell oil in Nigeria and other less developed countries.

=09On that date we ask you to undertake any and/or all of the following actions:

1. =09Picket a Shell Oil gas station or office in your locality. 2.=09Write a letter to Shell Oil in your country condemning their international environmental and human rights atrocities and asking them to pull out from Nigeria. 3.=09Write a letter to your elected official (Local, State and/or National) calling for an embargo of Nigerian products. 4.=09Collect petition signatures against Shell Oil=92s exploitation and environmental degradation of Nigeria and other less developed countries. 5.=09Conduct an educational session on the activities of Shell Oil in Nigeria and other less developed countries, and show why a boycott of Shell products and services is necessary.

=09For more information on the day of action, sample petitions, letters and information on Shell Oil in Nigeria, visit the Website of the Free Nigeria Movement at http://pw2.netcom.com/~fnm or send an email to the FNM at FNM@ix.netcom.com. You can also send all signed and completed petitions and letters to the Free Nigeria Movement at P.O. Box 441395, Indianapolis, IN 46244 for onward transmission to Shell Oil.

=09No to Environmental Degradation and Corporate Irresponsibility! Long live freedom! Long live Justice! Long live Liberty!

On behalf of the Free Nigeria Movement, Tunde Okorodudu=09=09=09=09=09=09Mukhtar Dan=92Iyan President, FNM=09=09=09=09=09=09Secretary-General, FNM

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