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Tue, 6 May 1997 23:05:30 -0400 (EDT)

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Comrades, The workers of "Imprenta Morales Hermenos", company which owns two factories in Mexico Federal District, have been on strike for the last 10 months in defence of their place of work.

The company's owners stopped paying wages and benefits to workers with an average of a 30-year seniority claiming a bad economical situation. A few weeks before this, they managed to get out of the premises much of the most modern machinery in the company, by which they are trying to avoid labor responsibility with their employees.

The main owner of "Imprenta Morales Hermenos", Juan Antonio Morales Carrillo, is also the owner of "Tlatoani de Mexico", where the machinery looted from "Imprenta Morales" was taken to. Today other workers are operating these machines while the employees of Morales are on guard outside the factories and collect funds to maintain their movement.

Workers, members of the FRENTE AUTENTICO DEL TRABAJO (Genuine Labor Front), have sued the company and expect a favourable resolution. Meanwhile, they are also putting pressure on the company "Bacardi de Mexico" so that they stop buying the cardboard boxes that "Tlatoani de Mexico" are making with machinery legally belonging to "Imprenta Morales Hermenos".

Please send faxes to:

Bacardi, S. A. Fax: (5) (sales) and (5) (office)

Model: "Llamamos su atencion para cancelar los contratos con empresa Tlatoani de Mexico, quien esta violando los derechos laborales al estar utilizando maquinaria que no le pertenece y mantener en la calle a los trabajadores y trabajadoras en huelga de Imprenta Morales Hermenos."

["We call your attention to the fact that Tlatoani de Mexico is violating lobor rights by operating machines that are not its own and by keeping without work the striking workers of Imprenta Morales Hermenos, for what we demand of you to cancel contracts with Tlatoani de Mexico."]

Tlatoani de Mexico. Ediciones Internaciones, S.A. de C.V. Fax: (5)

Model: "Protestamos energicamente por la violacion a los derechos laborales de los obreros en huelga de Imprenta Morales Hermenos, quienes llevan 10 meses sin laborar, mientras la empresa Tlatoani utiliza la maquinaria que debe formar parte del patrimonio de los obreros de Morales, de manera ilegal."

[We forcefully protest against the violation of the labor rights of the striking employees of Imprenta Morales Hermenos, who haven't worked for the last 10 months while the company Tlatoani is illegaly operating the machinery that should be part of the Morales's employees patrimony."]

Please send a copy of your faxes to the Frente Autentico del Trabajo. Fax:, Tel: and

Strike Committee of Imprenta Morales Hermenos

Comrades, The members of Colectivo Accion Libertaria have been supporting this strike since the beginning in different ways: economically, with educational workshops and with our participation in meetings, protest marches, boycotts, etc. We hope for all the IWA sections to offer their support.

Yours in Solidarity.

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