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Mon, 5 May 1997 22:05:16 -0400 (EDT)

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Statement From The Action Group "Marieni"

The Peruvian Embassy In Denmark Is Occupied!

The Committee for the Liberation of MRTA Prisoners occupied the Peruvian Embassy at Rosenvungets Alle 20a in Copenhagen today [April 25, 1997] at 12.30 pm. The action "Marieni" is an answer to the massacre of the 14 members of the liberation movement MRTA made by the Peruvian regime during the eviction of the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Lima. With the eviction and the murder of the 14 guerrillas, the Peruvian government and military once again showed the world that they are nothing but a brutal terror-regime for whom human rights and democracy are unknown words. We have, in the Committee for the Liberation of MRTA Prisoners, worked in favor of a peaceful solution to the standoff. The work didn't succeed. The Danish government has behaved passively and they therefore also carry part of the responsibility for the bloody end to the conflict. The USA and Japan have done nothing but praise the massacre and the terror regime of Fujimori. Since the eviction of the embassy, the regime has increased its persecution and repression. Many relatives of members of the commando have been arrested and there are fears that they are being tortured. The bodies of the 14 murdered guerrillas have secretly been buried to hide the evidence of their executions.

This can not continue!!!

The Committee for the Liberation of MRTA Prisoners will not passively watch the state terror of the regime. That's why members of the committee today occupied the Peruvian Embassy in an action which we have given the name "Marieni", one of the young women who, according to witnesses, was executed during the eviction.

Our demands are as follows:

- That an international and independent investigation of the eviction be opened and that the Danish government work for this to happen.

- That the Danish government condemn the eviction and other crimes and violations of the human rights committed by the Peruvian regime.

Commando "Edgar Sanchez" - You Will Not Be Forgotten!! The Fight For Social Justice Continues!!

---- Honor To The Martyrs Of The Edgar Sanchez Commando! Tupac Amaru Lives! The Struggle Continues! MRTA Solidarity Page - http://burn.ucsd.edu/~ats/mrta.htm

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