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Thu, 1 May 1997 21:32:27 +0000

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A Long Hot Summer in Amsterdam

On the 16th-17th of June 1997, the 'EuroTop' is happening in Amsterdam. At this summit of European heads of state in the Dutch Bank in Amsterdam, work will be done on extending the creation of an economic power-bloc. At the whim of the free market, social services will be privatised and wiped out. Inside the EU's impenetrable structures, policy will be made behind closed doors. This tiny group of state leaders will hand over an all-encompaasing power to Capital; at the same time throwing overboard all possibility for grassroots democratic alternatives. More and more state control - within, on and outside of Europe's borders - is meant to ensure that this process all flows smoothly.

The government leaders have great plans for this EU-summit. They intend to conclude the 'Treaty of Amsterdam' (also known as 'Maastricht 2'). This treaty should agree upon, amongst other things, the scrapping of the right of veto in the council of ministers, and the implementation of new rules on foreign and defence policy, for the courts and the police.

Amsterdam city council sees the 'EuroTop' as a blessing. Amsterdam gets the chance to clean up its Sodom and Gomorrah image of sex, drugs and slums and to present itself as a respectable, economically successful city of the world. To spoonfeed the heads of state this image and to ensure that the summit comes off smoothly, thousands of extra cops are being drafted into Amsterdam and large areas of the city are being turned into security zones. Within these security zones will be a strict compulsion to identify yourself, and the streets will be 'cleaned up' of homeless people, illegal foreigners and other 'undesirable elements'. A glimpse into the future perhaps?

Fortunately, there's plenty of individuals and organisations who won't take all this sitting down, who want to use the event to display their contempt and set out forth their resistance. People from other countries who want to support this resistance will be very welcome. There's already a number of actions and events prepared for the 'June Days'. Below is a partial list of events. These are being organised by a broad spectrum of individuals and groups. Each group is responsible for its own activities. Although these activities are being co-ordinated as much as possible, it was deliberatley chosen not to have any central control. This way there's room for all sorts of spontaneous initiatives. During the June Days there will be a number of info-points around Amsterdam, where you can get an action calendar and other related info. The exact location of these info-points isn't yet available, but a list can be ordered after May 1st from the address below.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to organise sleeping places for everyone, you'll have to sort that out yourself. Any ideas of your own you have are more than welcome, so we can show in a wide variety of ways our objections to EU policies, and our desire for a different, just world.

It promises to be a long hot summer...

A Partial list of Activities during the 'EuroTop' in Amsterdam

14/6 Demonstration Against unemployment, poverty and social deprivation From the middle of April onwards, thousands of people across Europe are marching on Amsterdam, to protest against the neo-liberal policies of the EU. These marches are coming together in a show of strength on June 14th in Amsterdam.

11/6-17/6 The Top from Bottom 'Platform Towards Another Europe', a co-ordinating body of different progressive organisations is organising discussions, actions and theme-days under the banner of an alternative conference, with speakers from various countries. Workshops include unemployment, poverty, social deprivation, feminist Europe, pacifist Europe, Europe and the South, environmental Europe, etc...

15/6 Demo/action at the "border hostel" The Autonomous Centre is organising a cycle demonstration (probably) to the refugee prison in south-east Amsterdam. The exact time and place is still to be announced.

13-15/6 Days of Chaos A massive 'Stop the City' to bring Amsterdam to its knees.

16/6 Demonstration at the Gay Monument Demo as a protest against the disgraceful verdict of the European Court allowing Britain to bar its citizens from consenting SM sex. Organised by Gay And Lesbian Amsterdam under the slogan 'For Sexual Diversity in Europe'.

12-13/6 UNITED conference The biggest NGO meeting of the European Year Against Racism. Themes are "Fortress Europe", "Everyday Racism" and Institutional Racism" with speakers from various countries. (English language).

15/6 Euro Rave LegalizE street party "against european drugs policy and the other shit they planned for us"

17/6 EuroBlow Toke en masse to smoke out the Dutch Bank in protest at EU drugs policy.

17/6 Anarchist demo Angry people rage hard to the Dutch bank. Meet 2pm, Dam Square.

Bands & party's

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