(en) An Anarchist FAQ update - and happy May Day!

i.m.mckay (cllv13@ccsun.strath.ac.uk)
Thu, 1 May 1997 11:09:27 +0100

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Hi all

First of all, May Day greetings!

On this lovely May Day, I am pleased to announce that the anarchist FAQ has been updated. And given its the general election here, I am particularly pleased to announce that the update includes the anarchist case for direct action and against voting.

An Anarchist FAQ can be found at:


So whats new in version 6.1 of the FAQ?

Section J.2 - What is Direct Action?

Newly completed sub-section. Find out all about *direct action*, why anarchists support it, why we reject electioneering as a means of change and why we do not vote.

Minor update of section B.3 (on why anarchists are against private property) to include a couple of nice Proudhon quotes on how "property is despotism" (which Proudhon actually said, although its not as famous as "property is theft"!)

Minor updates to sections I.3, I.3.1, I.3.4, I.3.5, I.4.4 and I.4.13 in order to make the possible nature and workings of an anarchist "economy" clearer. Includes cool quotes by the likes of Chomsky, Kropotkin, Cole and Fabbri.

Minor update to section I.8.7 on the Aragon rural collectives and how they were the product of the radicalisation of the population during the 1930s. Even more evidence to refute the claims of Stalinists and right-wing libertarians that the Aragon collectives were imposed by the CNT militia.

And the usual updated links page, with a new subsection on labour movement sites and even more interesting anarchist, anarchosyndicalist and related sites newly included.

With more than 12 740 hits, you know its worth checking out!


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