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Laure Akai (cube@glasnet.ru)
Thu, 1 May 1997 00:44:10 +0400 (WSU DST)

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KAZAKHSCAM An open letter to the WSA, FAU, Alter-EE and others

I have received a most interesting letter fowarded through Alter-EE about the existence of an active anarcho- syndicalist group in Kazakhstan. Before this information goes any further or any "support" is offered to this group, a little more information is needed.

It first must be said that nobody in Russia is aware of the existence of this group, of this supposed conference or workers' movement. Of course we must admit that our knowledge of Kazakh politics is not so great and that there are three "anarchist" groups in Alma-Aty which apparently do not know what the others are doing. (We assume that this is because they are doing nothing.) But we know this Nick and he has sent correspondence to people, most recently to Vadim Damier of KRAS-IWA. Not a word about any of this. You would assume that if there were an anarcho-syndicalist group and they wanted to make contacts with other anarcho- syndicalists, they would first inform those that they already know. Which is why the reaction of everybody I asked today about the possibility of this group existing started talks of yet another scam.

Again, we'd like to repeat that we don't know everything that goes on in Kazakhstan but we have received letters, publications, have listened to an anarchist from Alma-Aty at the ADA conference and have had contact with an anarchist from Kustanai who was living here in Moscow. (This character turned out to be another winner as well, writing in the fascist paper and taking part in the authoritarian groups. It is assumed he will join the National Bolshevik Party soon.) At no time have we heard any of this, even from the author of the letter.

What actions do we know Nick to have organized? Well, a pro- North Korea action for one. (Yeah, that's a great regime. The people are eating tree bark and dropping dead on the streets.) Nick is involved with two of the left's famous scam artists, Dmitry Kostenko and Dmitry Modul, whom are mentioned as his comrades in recent correspondence. Kostenko, as is known at least to the FAU, is a famous left commissar, author of authoritarian and totalitarian, racist and other objectionable articles, a supporter of Anpilov and other famous characters, proponent of Stalinist terror. (I've been denouncing him for at least five years - many of you are no doubt already familiar with this name.) Some years back he published an article on how to bilk leftists out of money, get free trips and so on. This is his relation to anarchists and the Western left in general - that they are idiots whom can be tricked and who can set you up with everything from free magazines to (for Russia) big money. Modul apparently shares the same philosophy. He is one of a group of pro-North Koreans who constantly are making newletters, holding rallies and appearing with this country's flag. He has told me consistently that he is only doing this because he would like to get a free trip to North Korea. Let's just say, we're sort of skeptical.

As a matter of fact, with the long history of former Soviet assholes lying and making fools out of Western anarchist groups, we are twice as skeptical. And you should be too.

Granted nobody understands our internal politics or why anyone would even want to pretend to be an anarchist but suffice it to say that there will always be people there unaware of the history of such scams who are just sincerely glad to make contacts with people and take everyting said at face value. It is truly unfortunate to have to write such a letter.

What do we know of Nick Zappo and his Alma-Aty anarchists? First and foremost that their publications are incredibly stupid trash. We don't even understand the names. We know there is a "Group of Asiatic Fools" and a zine which is the "Anarcho-Marginal Organ of the Circle of Asiatic Fools". We also know that there is an Alma-Ata Anarchist Alliance, but, as we understand (from the words of Nick), this is a bunch of drunk punks. In other words, these people are not only not very serious about politics, they are HIGHLY confused. In the best case scenario, they are just a bit stupid; in the worst they have taking to scamming with that shit Kostenko.

So, simply, if there really is such a group, we want to know who's in it. We can contact the author directly about this. If even something vaguely resembling an anarcho-syndicalist group or any free trade union movement exists, we'd like to check it out. And we call on Nick directly to produce literature about this congress and the actions of this group. We find it very interesting that no previous mention of such things have appeared in either the Alma-Aty publications or in "Black Star" which Nick, in a recent letter, mentions that he sends all information in to. At such a point we will gladly retract any insinuations that the author is playing people for fools and ask forgivness for our experience-induced paranoia. But we won't retract our opinions about North Korean politics or associations with totalitarian elements. If however we cannot come up with any such evidence, we will take action to rid everyone of these new scamsters.

Have a good May Day!

Laure Akai (on behalf of certain Moscow anarchists and herself)

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