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Fwd from IWA secretariat in Spain: SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN WITH U'WA PEOPLE !!STOP PRESS!! According to the last issue from the lndigenous National Organization - ONIC - the exploration work will begin the next days. U'wa is a town of nearly 5000 people who live in the North-east of Columbia, in the mountain range of Cocuy. By the Colombian petrol company - Ecopetrol - the government has celebrated an association contract with the occidental company of Columbia Inc. filial to the occidental multinational petroleum corporation to explore and exploit the region called Samore block, one third of this region is in the U'wa's traditional territory. The ambiental license was given without consultation and without counting on the U'wa's decisions who refuse this project from the beginning. To do this campaign more effusive, IWA ask for their sections, friends of the IWA groups, libertarian collectives, groups and people in solidarity with the U'wa people to intensify the struggle against the embassy or the Colombian interest requiring the ambiantal license repeal given to the accidental. Just only this way we will save U'wa people to disappear.

We send a paper to get signs in one month approximately and then send it to the presidency from the Colombian Rep, fax no 57 1 2863377 and 57 1 2867434 to Ernesto Samper Pizano president of Columbia. To get more information: lndigenous National Organization of Columbia - ONlC - CALLE 13 N' 4-8 BOGOTA COLOMBlA FAX: 57 1 2843465 E-MAIL: onicacoldono.apc.org AlT/lWA/lAA - P' Alberlo Palacios, 2 - 28021 Madrid - SPAIN Tlf: 34 - 1 -797 04 24 Fax: 34 - 1 - 505 21 83

------------------------- Following is a scan of the petition mentioned above; no doubt full of errors. If any of you read Spanish, please proofread and repost. -Felix Frost/WSA New York -------------------------

Los abajo firmantes condenamos y rechazamos rotundamente la entrada de la compania Occidenlal Colombia Inc., filial de la estadounidense OXY, al territorio del pueblo U'wa para realizar prospecciones y explotaciones petroliferas.

Recriminamos a las autoridades colombianas el haber otorgado la I.icencia Ambiental a Occidental Colombia para realizar exploraciones petroliferas dentro del territorio del pueblo U'wa, sin haberse operado previamente una consulta con la comunidad indigena sobre el proyecto, tal y como dispone la Ley 99 de 1993, en desarrollo del articulo 330 de la Constitucion colombiana. Por consiguiente, exigimos el cese inmediato de cualquier proyecto de explotacion sismica y explotacion petrolifera dentro en los territorios U'wa comprendidos dentro del Bloque Samore, y que, en complimiento de la propia legislacion colombiana, se acate la voluntad del pueblo U'wa, que lleva anos expresando su rechazo frontal a la realizacion de prospecciones en su territorio.


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