(en) Bonn Seeks Curb On Peruvian Rebel Spokesman

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Tue, 29 Apr 1997 20:49:19 -0400 (EDT)

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Bonn Seeks Curb On Peruvian Rebel Spokesman

BONN, April 28 (AFP) - The German government has asked the authorities in Hamburg to consider curbing the activities of the international spokesman of the rebel movement that took hostages in the Japanese embassy in Peru, a government source said Monday. A spokesman for the Hamburg city-state interior ministry confirmed they had received a request to this effect from Bonn regarding Isaac Velasco of the Tupac Amaru (MRTA) movement, but no decision was expected "for some days". Velasco, who has political refugee status in Germany and is resident in Hamburg, was one of the first to accuse the regime of President Fujimori of ordering the killing of the rebel group when the hostages were freed from the embassy last week. Under German law a foreigner can be banned from political activity if this is deemed "a danger for the democratic order" in Germany or supports parties "whose means and ends are incompatible with the foundations of a regime respectful of human rights". Velasco gave a news conference in Hamburg Thursday in which he said there was evidence that most of the 14 MRTA hostage-takers had been tortured before being killed by the Peruvian armed forces. According to the federal government, the decision taken by the Hamburg authorities would not affect his status in Germany, where the regional authorities have jurisdiction over the conditions of residence of foreigners. The Swiss authorities have already banned Velasco from speaking publicly in Zurich on May 1.

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