(en) 7,000 People March In Rome Against Fujimori

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Mon, 28 Apr 1997 00:46:30 -0400 (EDT)

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7,000 People March In Rome Against Fujimori

April 25, 1997

On the 25th of April (celebrated in Italy as the National Celebration Day of the Liberation from Nazi Fascism), there was a demo in Rome of 7,000 people from the autonomous and revolutionary left against fascism and racism. But this time, the annual rally was led by 14 of our comrades with the MRTA flag, bandannas, and a rose, and the lead banner of the demonstration said: "25 aprile - SIAMO TUTTI TUPAC AMARU!" (April 25 - WE ARE All TUPAC AMARU!). Lots of banners in the demo were against Fujimori and his genocidal regime. You can see several photos of the demo at this URL:


On April 23, 1997, there was another immediate and spontaneous demo against the Peruvian embassy in Rome, where 300 people shouted slogans against the killer Fujimori. This demo was attacked by the police. 30 people were injured by police batons in a very violent and non-provoked attack. At the end of this demo, 3 people were arrested and heavily beaten in the Viminale Police Station. Now we have organized a "Stop Police Violence" campaign in all the leftist media and we will hold a new demo on April 29 from Piazza Esedra (a central place in Rome) to the Peruvian embassy. This will be an "attitude hostile" and "self-defense" rally against the massacre of Lima and in solidarity with the MRTA and their struggle, and against the violence of the Italian police.


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