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This email contains 1. Irving Boycott update 2. pamphlet contents (the original includes graphics) a) background info and demands b) Endorsing members (add your group) c) Irving companies to boycott

(Let us know if you want a copy of our pamphlet or poster, would like to recieve further info, or would like to take up the irving boycott in your community. Let's make them pay! - thanks, aaron koleszar)

ALLIANCE AGAINST POLLUTION R.R. #3 Belfast PEI COA 1A0 Tel: (902) 659-2340 Fax: (902) 566-4037 e-mail: slabchuk@cycor.ca


ALLIANCE UPDATE; The Irving boycott had a very successful launch on Fri.Apr.18 at the Irving offices in Charlottetown. A dozen Alliance members arrived waving BOYCOTT IRVING and POLLUTER PAYS signs to a chorus of approving car horns. Spokespersons entered the office, followed by TV and radio, to deliver an invoice for $42,200,000.00 on behalf of the taxpayers of Canada for services rendered during the Irving Whale Recovery Operation. Irving had no comment, no payment was received and the boycott notice was served. Coverage was strong on the Island with CBC and CFCY radio spots, CBC TV in english and french had detailed reports, CBC Maritime Noon carried it across 3 provinces, The Guardian newspaper had a solid article with picture, Holland College and UPEI newspaper stories are coming, and an Earth Day WERU FM Maine interview has generated interest south of the border. Please update the Alliance if you catch any coverage we've missed. Pickets are going up ale Irving gas stations around Charlottetown starting Sat. Apr.26 from 1-2pm. Picketters are asked to confine themselves to the public right of ways in front of the station. Picketers will be carrying BOYCOTT IRVING signs and handing out the Alliance pamphlet. We will be assembling at the University Ave. station across from the Wendy's and spreading out to as many stations as our numbers can carry. This will. be a regular weeky event that we hope other groups can help organize to expand this to cover Irving locations beyond PEI. Other suggested actions include pamphlet distribution and publication of boycott information in member's newsletters etc. The Alliance can provide pamphlet masters and news stories as far as our budget-less cottage office can manage. The Coast Guard committee in Ottawa that is responsible for recovering the costs of the lift has reported that since the boycott call Irving has come to the table and negotiations are proceeding. Did we have any effect? Let's not spend time wondering, it's time to strengthen the Alliance by inviting new groups to endorse the boycott and distribute the pamphlets far and wide. Many thanks to all those groups who have endorsed so far. A strong Alliance is one way to make sure that the POLLUTER PAYS.


Murray Russell (902)659-2340

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOYCOTT IRVING! Our Government says IRVING owes us $42,200,000.00 for cleaning up its mess...

WE AGREE ! Polluter Pays !!

The Alliance Against Pollution is calling on the public to boycott the Irving group of companies. The boycott will stay in effect until the Federal Government is satisfied that Irving has paid the $42,200,000 bill they have received for the Irving Whale recovery operation. The barge sank in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1970, along with its 4,270 ton cargo of oil, and 7520 kg of PCBs. An estimated 900 tons of oil have leaked from the barge and over 75% of the PCBs were released into the environment. Approximately 200 tons of oil washed ashore on the Iles-de-la-Madeleine soiling about 80 km of shoreline. An unknown amount of oil found its way to the Atlantic Ocean through the Cabot Strait. About 200,000 bags of oil and PCB laden debris were recovered during the clean-up operation and buried in the dunes of the Iles-de-la-Madeleine. Analysis conducted near the Irving Whale site found PCB concentrations up to 2000 parts per million. The deposits of PCBs on the ocean floor present serious ongoing threats to the ecosystem. The Whale was raised in 1996, with the taxpayer footing the $42,200,000 bill. After the sinking, Irving received an insurance settlement, and possession of the barge was returned to them. Irving did not reveal the presence of PCBs until June 1995, just prior to the first lift attempt. The Alliance Against Pollution is a growing network of environmental and social justice organizations formed specifically to conduct this boycott. The Alliance supports the position of the Federal Government which states that Irving is fully responsible for the costs of the lift operation, cleanup, as well as further remediation if deemed necessary. Let's make sure that the polluter pays !


ALLIANCE AGAINST POLLUTION Endorsing Members Sierra Club of Canada Canadian Animal Distress Network CUSO Environmental Coalition of PEI Oxfam, PEI Island Residents Against Toxic Environments The Evangeline Environmental Group Societe pour la Vaincre de Pollution (SVP) The Media Collective Cooper Institute We are Maine's Future (ME FUTURE) Trout River Environmental Committee Halifax Youth for Social Justice Guideposts for a Sustainable Future EarthCulture North Queens Wildlife Federation Clearinghouse Groupe PEI Youth for Social Justice Wastewise Inc. Voice of the Earth Society (VOTES) Aquarian Research Foundation Incineration Counteracts the Environment Friends of Wilderness Furiously Opposed to Acton Dumping Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) (join us)


Irving Companies to Boycott:

Irving Oil Irving Oil Stores Ltd. Irving Oil Transport Ltd. Irving ProCare Irving Equipment Irving Pulp and Paper Ltd. Irving Forest Service Ltd. Irving Forest Products Ltd. Irving Tissue Sales Ltd. Irving Personnel Plus Inc. Irving Steamships Ltd. Irving Glen Shipping Ltd. K.C. Irving Ltd. J.D. Irving Ltd. J.H. Irving Ltd. St. John Shipbuilding and Drydock Ltd. Halifax Shipyard Ltd. Majesta Brand Paper Products Acadian Lines Ltd. SMT (Eastern) Ltd. Bus Lines Midland Transport Ltd. Midland Courier Sunbury Transport Kent Shipping Lines Ltd. Kent Homes Kent Building Supply Kent Hardware Stores Harbour Development Custom Fabricators and Machinists St. John Cablevision Oromocto Post Atlantic Advocate Summit Publishing University Press, N.B. Telegraph-Journal Moncton Times Transcript Evening Times-Globe Daily Gleaner, Fredericton Cavendish Farms Indian River Farm Ltd. Riverdale Foods Ltd. Master Packaging Inc. West Isle Farm Supply Ltd. Island Fertilizer Ltd. Malpeque Fertilizer Ltd. Speedy Propane Atlantic Speedy Propane Commercial Equipment Stores Georgetown shipyard, PEI Ocean Steel Ltd. (OSCO) Steel and Engine Products Ltd. Marque Construction Ltd. Atlantic Towing Ltd. Selecta Brand Toilet Paper Harth Stone Homes Chandler Sales The Home Centre

Alliance Against Pollution continues to make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. Changes in corporate ownership or human error can occur. We deeply apologize if any non-Irving companies are affected. Please notify us immediately for any changes.

"... their name is behind at least 300 companies with assets of over 7 billion dollars."

- Author John DeMont - CITIZENS IRVING, 1992

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