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Joey Joe (josefo@rrpac.upr.clu.edu)
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 00:13:10 -0400 (GMT-0400)

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Although i heard ton and tons of mail taking about the MRTA and wether their actions were the best or not it still gives a lot of sorrow to see that a group of young human beings who aspire for a more just society were killed by peruvian troops under Fujimori. Even though i do not wish to discuss the merit of their actions i like to reflect on certain things that evolved around their actions. I think that for the first time in a long time the international comunity hushed up and never pronounced it self about the incident. Besides the oficial goverment positions there was a great silence. All of the sudden they were alone. Alone in a desperate situation, so alone and desperate that nobody seemed to care after a couple of weeks, so desperate that they sealed their fate to a death warrant in an attempt to free their comrades not that different from you and I. I dont know what i feel but its not pleasent. I feel angry when I see the show of force wich was used and the international cheers that emerged from a "rescue" in the japanese embacy. I feel threaten to see the international consensus in the way to treat "terrorist", especialy in latin america. Whos next? who knows maybe the EZLN. What can we expect. most of the times these movement form in order to be heard or being taken seriously. All of this circus prooves to me that the reagan era or policy is coming back for good and nobody seems to care. I know that as anarchist many of you dont care what happens to marxist leninist (at least that was what many of you said or reacted when the embacy was ceased) but this silence really gives me the chill. Althought we may differ with marxist leninist they also belive that things could different or in an other way more just than aour own realities and societies. I only leave with this message in an attempt to refelct on this situation: "The TupacAmaru that were killed tor are imprisoned today live in the hearts of people who belive that things can radicaly different and better" att.Josefo

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