(en) Rebel Says Fight Against "System Of Repression" Will Go On

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Tue, 22 Apr 1997 22:59:40 -0400 (EDT)

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Rebel Says Fight Against "System Of Repression" Will Go On

Lima, Peru (Agence France-Presse - April 22, 1997) A spokesman for the Marxist rebels who staged a more than four-month hostage-taking in the Japanese ambassador's residence pledged Tuesday the fight against a "system of repression" would go on. "We are not going to continue the war against a president, but rather against a brutal system of repression that exists in my country", a "state terrorism that denies the right to education and to a job", Tupac Amaru (MTRA) spokeman Isaac Velazco said on CNN television from Hamburg, Germany. Shortly after security forces stormed the residence in a rumble of explosions and gunfire, the rebel spokesman in effect said the members of the MRTA commando were martyrs for their Marxist cause in a country in which half the population of 24 million live in poverty. "We have been in contact permanently with the members of my party", Velazco said, adding that what they did was what they had said they would do: "that they would resist until the end." "The chance for a political solution has been lost", the spokesman said. "We had said before that there was a 50 percent possibility of armed action", Velazco said. "Today this possibility has become a reality." "The present regime has taken criminal steps" with this operation, he said. "There had been some apparent headway made in the negotiations", he said. "Mr Alberto Fujimori had even spoken about this", Velazco said. "He had said that we were to await a peaceful decision. "But the need to hide the crimes of their death squadron ... led to a military raid to solve the crisis", the spokesman said, referring to a well-known case of the military having killed innocent civilians.

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