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brand is a Swedish anarchist magazine with a nearly one hundred year old >history.

brand Box 150 15 S-104 65 Stockholm SWEDEN

This is brand issue number 1, 1997 (6) The theme of this issue is repression.

p.2 Take the Night back, the anarcha feminist demonstration on 8 March is Stockhlm was brutally attacked by police. Three comrades were forced to seek medical attention and others were injured and abused. A week later 500 anarchists marched upon the local police station and new deoms are planned...

p.4 ...Burn a meat truck, Militant vegans in northern Sweden describe their struggle against the local meat industry and the subsequent police repression.

p.8 An activist describes her experiences in jail - isolation, interogation and the role comrades on the outside play. Lesson number one, keep your outh shut!

p.10 In 1977 the Swedish anarchist movement was attacked by the secret police, SAPO, in their hunt for a local RAF cell. Homes were searched, foreigners expelled, activists jailed and the movement mapped. A story worth remembering.

p.14 Legal Violence against Youth, a study of Swedish laws which allow the continued use of violence in the oppresion of youth.

p.16 An article about the states use of drugs as repression. Examples from across the globe are named and a specific example from the UN conference against environmentl destruction in Stockholm in 1972 is recounted.

p.18 SAPO attempted to recruit an activist from the Swedish AntiFascistisk Aktion while she was imprisioned. She reatells the entire stoy here.

p. 19 A description of SAPO and in what manner they cooperate with the state goverment. A recent revelation from Norway concerning the registration of political dissidents is highlighted.

p.20 An article concerning Marcuses "Repressive Tolerance" and how it works within the structures of todays society.

p.21 The bourgouise media have portrayed the struggle in Kurdistan and the PKK in a compromising manner. What is to be gined by this?

p.22 A descriptive article concerning the Anarchist Black Cross, ABC and its Swedish section, Anarkistiska Svarta Hammaren, ASH.

p.23 a-infos, news notices concerning amongst other things, the Anti-Election Alliance in England, the IWA congress in Madrid, an immemoria for Judi Bari, th raid upon a "Radikal" collective in Holland, anti-nuclear demonstrations in Germany and an occupation in Gothenburg to gain a youth centre.

p. 28 press releases; from commandos in Sweden-we can read about attacks against the Swedish clothing giant H&M and motorway projects and successful animal liberations.

p. 30 debate; anarcho portions of the pacifist-liberal Plowshares movement defend their politics and an appeal to minimize the sub-cultural pressure in the anarcha-feminst movement.

brand is published in the Swedish language.

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