UK Elections and the Music Industry Money Laundry

Roger Bunn (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 06:24:42 +0100


Music Industry Human Rights Association

THE BRITISH ELECTIONS and the constitution of the BBC.

The Constitution of the BBC says : "The BBC does not feel obliged to be neutral as between truth and untruth, justice and injustice, compassion and cruelty, tolerance and intolerance."

Britain goes to the polls on May the first. It's government is likely to change to Tony Blair's Labour Party. A party unrecognisable to socialists as "Old Labour", many socialists hang on to a dream that the radical changes needed to equalize opportunity and earnings in the UK with those earning disproportionate millions every year will take place.

Blair has been groomed for this job since first joining the party when he was taking law at university. But talking econ-policy to his office has become difficult.

This author desires a complete break up and redevelopment of a criminal and compromised UK music industry. Chances of that happening with backing from the (corrupted) policies of the Musicians Union are unlikely. Even more unlikey is that New Labour under Blair, future Prime Minister and amateur guitarist will take a similarly non-amateur approach to any redevelopment of cultural / arts legislation.

What is meant by New Labour is that on behalf of this organisation I shall now be able to contact the Trade Unions Congress to discuss the gross inadequacies of union policy on a cottage industry (music) and get told that "They are dealing with the Musicians Union" whereas before they were concerned that the media would expose the truth.

The truth is that between 1946 and 1988 the union had not passed one billion dollars in royalties on to its recording musician membership, and during years of Tory rule a cottage industry's creative work force has been treated to a life of cultural serfdom. If you know the UK you could ask "so whats new about serfdom in the UK?" and you would be right, its the same old econ-slavery and since the invention of recorded music, using the same old glitter-disguise.

After all, those that control the arts authorities and lottery handouts in the UK are entrenched as the last bastion of class and privilige within which Lords Rothchild and Gowrie rule the roost. You know what we suggest to all fans of then Zappa Le Dread, the Dead and the Fugs?


Of course one could always vote for the alt chaps on the block.

""There are a great deal of people who have democratic rights who should not have them" John Tyndall Sunday Mirror Nov 1996

""Elections amount to the will of the rabble...the man in the street is called upon to pass judgement on aspects of affairs of which he has no understanding"" John Tyndall, The Authoritive State

""When we get to power our opponents will be swept away like flies" John Tyndall, East London Advertiser

John Tyndall, the British National Party's Fuhrer, is standing as a parliamentary candidate in the East End of London. His Nazi Party are fielding fifty three candidates. This means that the BNP will be able to obtain the right to at least one national broadcast. Obviously many people on the left and those that experienced German Concentration Camp vacations during WW2 wish for them to "lose that right" similarly that they would take away rights from and endless list of "unworthies"

Watch this non BBC space.

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