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The latest issue of the South African 'Workers Solidarity' is now on the web at http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/7017/

WORKERS' SOLIDARITY ACROSS THE WORLD, MAY DAY IS OURS Volume 3 Number 2 Second Quarter 1997 (April- June)

-> Editorial -> HAS THE ANC SOLD OUT? -> South African Union News: COSATU on the move -> A WORLD TO WIN!/ INTERNATIONAL ANARCHIST/SYNDICALIST NEWS -> AFTER THE COLLAPSE OF MARXISM:Is there an alternative to capitalism today? -> WORKING AND POOR PEOPLE'S HISTORY: ANARCHO- SYNDICALISM AND THE REAL ORIGINS OF MAYDAY -> 100 Years on the song remains the same: Low pay in South Africa -> WHAT ANARCHO-SYNDICALISTS BELIEVE:Why do we oppose capitalism and the state? -> WHAT ANARCHO-SYNDICALISTS BELIEVE: Why class struggle and revolution from below? -> CLASS STRUGGLES IN AFRICA: Swaziland: general strike for democracy -> BENGU TRICKS STUDENTS -> WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PROMISED CHANGES?

In the run up to the 1994 elections, the ANC promised, among other things, free and compulsory education for the first ten years. It promised more schools, books and teachers for all children. In a famous speech, Mandela stated: "Young lions of South Africa go to school and arm yourself with education, for it will be a necessity for the country's future". Inequalities affecting the poor in education were mentioned as a priority. But ANC has changed its party line. The current education reforms will worsen the inequalities of the past:

* Why did this happen? see article on "Has the ANC Sold Out?"

* What has happened in higher education, and how is the student movement responding? see article on "Bengu Tricks Students"


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