Police Murder Son of Activist Lawyer

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What you are about to read is true. Please tell the world! >>
>>The articles below describe the murder of Malik Jones by the New Haven, CT
police department. What the articles do not tell you is that this is the >culmination of a series of police attacks on Malik Jones Jihad) and his
>family. It all started a few years ago when Malik's mother, Emma Jones
Jihad played a pivotal role as legal counsel in the overturning of an unjust murder >conviction. To exact revenge the police targeted her and her children for
>abuse. Here is a partial list of actions in this police campaign: 1.
Ransacked her home in an unwarranted and destructive "search". 2. Strip searched her son in her home while pondering planting drugs in her cupboard, as Emma witnessed. 3. Arrested her son, Malik on suspicion of driving a stolen car (article refers to this charge as driving an "unregistered" car). The charge is completely bogus, as the car belongs to his mother). 4. Arrested Malik for numerous other vehicle violations. 5. Beat Malik "like a dog" (to quote Emma) and arrested and jailed him for interfering with an officer. >>
6. In the most recent incident, the police reportedly ran up to Malik's >stopped car, broke the window, and shot him three times, killing
>him. He was unarmed and free of a criminal record apart from bogus They
also shot his passenger, who has not died. >>
>>Emma Jones knew that the police were targeting her children. She
>desperately asked various authorities and activists for help. Ritt
Goldstein, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Law Enforcement Oversight Development (SCOLED) did manage to get the word out two weeks prior to the killing to Brian C. Reeder, President of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Enforcement, to myself, and some reporters. However, the help provided was too little and too late. Emma is outraged but not shocked by the murder. She stated on April 19th to Ritt Goldstein, "This is a killing and I do not understand why the officer has not been arrested! There is a procedure. If he has the money, he can be bonded out. Then, he can stand trial. I do not understand why he hasn't been arrested." >
As the articles below reveal these police actions have been covered-up or white-washed by the Police in their accounts to the Press. Please do not let misinformation and biased police reporting reign! This story is still hot and waiting to break.

If you are interested in speaking to Ms. Jones Jihad, please call Mr. Goldstein, who can arrange an interview. Mr. Goldstein (who must stay in hotels because of constant police attacks upon him) can be reached via the answering service, Homewarming Limited, at (203) 791-8454. He returns all phone calls.

Brian C. Reeder of NACOLE can be reached at 301-791-5808.

>> Hartford man shot to death by city police
>>(Note: Malik Jones is mentioned in second half of this first article)
>>By DWIGHT F. BLINT This story ran in the Hartford Courant April 16, 1997
>> A city man was shot and killed by police Tuesday at his North End home
>after, they said, he pulled a gun on them when they tried to serve him
>with a search warrant.
>> Neither the man's name nor the reason for the search was released;
>police had not yet notified the victim's next of kin.
>> The building's landlord, Oscar Harvey, identified the dead man as
>Christopher Scott. Harvey said Scott had lived in a first-floor apartment
>in the brick building for about four months.
>> It was the second fatal shooting by police in the state in two nights.
>> On Monday, Malik Jones, 22, of New Haven, was killed at the end of a
>chase that began in East Haven when police received a report of a motor
>vehicle violation.
>> Police said Jones did not stop for officers in East Haven, and fled
>onto I-95 southbound and then onto I-91 northbound; he died of multiple
>gunshot wounds at the hands of police after leaving the highway. Family
>members Tuesday called for a full investigation and said he was shot in
>the back. The medical examiner's office would not confirm the claim. State
>police are investigating.
>> In Hartford, a city man who police say choked while swallowing
>narcotics died while in custody on April 2. Lewis Dickerson, 36, of 132
>Magnolia St., was chased by officers who say he was involved in a drug sale.
>> Police said Dickerson was shoving items into his mouth; relatives and
>others claim he was a victim of police brutality. An internal police
>investigation is continuing.
>>Aldermen meet with Chief Wearing over fatal shooting
>>New Haven Register, Sat., April 19, 1997
>>>By Allan Drury
>>>NEW HAVEN - Four members of the Board of Aldermen and Police Chief Melvin
>Wearing emerged from a meeting Friday urging calm until the state finishes
>its investigation into the shooting death of Malik Jones.

>>>Aldermanic President Pro Tempore Willie J. Moore, along with board members
>Ronald Gattison, Anthony Dawson and Alvis Brooker, met for about an hour
>with Wearing and other police leaders at police headquarters at 1 Union Ave.

>>>Aldermen requested the meeting to discuss the death of Jones, 21, who was
>shot Monday by East Haven police Officer Robert Flodquist on Grand Avenue
>after a car chase that began on Frontage Road.
>>>"We got a basic understanding of how some of the procedures work," Moore
>said following the meeting. "We're satisfied with what the chief told us and
>he assured us his department will monitor the investigation."

>>>Wearing asked that people be "patient and allow the state's attorney's
>office and the state police to conduct a fair and thorough investigation."
>>>"The outcome of this incident has had devastating consequences for all
>parties involved, particularly our community," Wearing said.
>>>The state police are compiling a report on the shooting. The New Haven
>state's attorney's office will review that report and determine whether the
>shooting was justified.
>>>The call for calm and patience was in sharp contrast to statements by some
>political and religious leaders earlier in the week who said Flodquist
>should be charged with murder.
>>>East Haven police have maintained the chase and shooting were justified.
>>> Copyright New Haven Register 1997

And here's an additional story from the AP --

Its "spin" -- read bias -- is apparently that its ok for a cop to kill an unarmed, unthreatening person by shooting him in the side rather than the back. And what would the likelihood or possibility be in the first place that you could shoot someone in the back who was sitting behind the wheel of a car?

Report: Slain man shot three times in side

Associated Press, 04/18/97 16:50

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - A city man who died in a confrontation with East Haven police following a high-speed chase was not shot in the back as some friends and family members had said, according to a published report.

Malik Jones, 21, was shot three times in the side, with the fatal bullet piercing his left arm and chest, the New Haven Register reported Friday, citing unidentified police sources.

Two bullets hit Jones in the left arm and shoulder and the third struck him just above his hip, the newspaper said. A passenger in the car wasn't seriously hurt.

Officer Robert Flodquist fired four shots at Jones, missing him once, the newspaper reported. Flodquist has been on paid administrative leave since the shooting, and the state police are investigating the case.

Jones' supporters had said Flodquist, 36, shot Jones in the back.

East Haven Police Chief James C. Criscuolo has said he did not believe Jones was shot in the back.

``As I suspected,'' he said. ``From what was explained to me, from the scenario I heard, I didn't think he was shot in the back.''

The local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has hired it's own investigative team to look into the shooting, and the family has hired an attorney.

New Haven State's Attorney Michael Dearington issued a statement Thursday assuring the public that a thorough and fair investigation is being done.

``The Jones family, the police personnel involved and the community as a whole deserve a complete and unbiased review of this serious and factually complicated matter,'' he said.

New Haven Police Chief Melvin Wearing met with area alderpersons Friday to address community concerns regarding the investigation. Afterwards, he issued a statement asking that city residents be patient and promising he would keep an eye on the progress of the case.

``The outcome of this incident has had devastating consequences for all parties involved... Please be assured that as police chief I will work with the state's Attorney's Office and state police to provide any assistance requested. I will also monitor the situation until it is resolved,'' Wearing said.

Criscuolo said he believes the license plate on the Oldsmobile Jones was driving did not belong on the car. State police have not said who owned the car. Samuel Cruz, the passenger, has said the car belonged to him, but the state Department of Motor Vehicle records show neither Jones nor Cruz had a car registered in their name.

According to police records, Jones had a criminal history. He was scheduled to appear in Superior Court this coming Monday on a variety of charges, including three counts of interfering with a police officer.

He spent 16 days in prison in March on a charge os selling narcotics before he posted bail. Jones also had numerous motor vehicle charges pending, including misuse of plates and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

He received three years probation in November 1995 for possession of narcotics with intent to sell.

On Thursday, about 400 friends, relatives and supporters attended a memorial service for Jones, who was buried at the St. Bernard Cemetery.

In an unrelated case, New Haven police on Friday exchanged gunfire with two suspects after a suspicious vehicle began driving on a sidewalk towards an officer. Four people got out of the car and fled. Two fired on police. No one was injured. Neither suspect who fired on police was apprehended.

Police arrested a passenger. Lavon Lewis, 19, of New Haven, was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit and possession of a pistol in a motor vehicle.

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