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------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 02:15:05 -0700 (PDT) From: bostonalliance@juno.com Subject: ANN: EASTERN MASS. CHAPTERS ORGANIZE BIG TEACH-IN ON THE "NEW COLONIALISM" To: the-alliance-announce

The Boston-Cambridge and North Bridge chapters of Alliance for Democracy are collaborating to organize a major conference on the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment ("son of NAFTA and GATT"). Planners include Dave Lewit (coordinator), Dave Adams, Jean Maryborn, Bob Stubbs, Diana Licht, Paul Johnson, Garret Whitney, Cynthia Ritsher, Lynn Gargill, and Wells Wilkinson.

MAI-31 (no name chosen yet), our 9-5 May 31st teach-in, will be co-sponsored by Boston College/Sociology Department (Charlie Derber*). The purpose is to spark a national debate on what MAI is and what to do about it, as it may be introduced into Congress later this year. More generally that debate would be about corporations, development, and democracy. The teach-in will be held at Devlin Hall, BC, with a 326-seat auditorium and 5 or more classrooms for break-out discussions or workshops. We are considering a formal debate at midday: I'm confident that we'll have one or more Congress members as well as an MIA negotiator from the State Dept (US Trade Rep) and perhaps an advocate from a sponsoring business association, plus Ronnie Dugger* (Alliance for Democracy) and Lori Wallach* (Public Citizen).

Ronnie will be the first speaker, setting the stage. Lori Wallach would be our keynoter. Toward the end we want someone with vision to describe a realizable alternative to the "new colonialism," such as John Ralston Saul or Bill Greider. We are pursuing critics like Pat Choate (he's not Perot) and Stan Gacek (AFL-CIO). Charlie Sennott (Boston Globe) could comment on media coverage or noncoverage. Some of these could be discussion leaders in break-out groups, dealing with MAI's probable impact on Environment, Regional Development, Labor, Human Rights & Culture, Law, and Political Power. Each would introduce him/herself and his/her workshop with a 5-minute remark to the plenary. The last hour would be devoted to organizing, led by Simon Billenness* (Franklin R&D/CPPAX), Naomi Walker* (Preamble Collaborative), and State Rep Jim Marzilli*. *=confirmed

We have a growing number of co-sponsors (CPPAX, MOBE, Public Citizen, etc.) who may help with publicity through their newsletters and mailings. IMEDIATELY-- PLEASE CONTACT THE EDITOR OF ANY NEWSLETTER YOU KNOW, AND CALL DAVE LEWIT (dlewit@igc.org) OR DAVE ADAMS (BostonAlliance@juno.com) FOR A NEWS RELEASE. We would also appreciate your help in other ways. THANKS!

Dave Adams Local Contact - Boston / Cambridge alliance for democracy

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