(eng) Police brutality in Marseille during anti-fascist demo

marseille (marseille@altern.org)
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 13:18:53 GMT

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Hell0, during a demo against a front-national rally in Marseille there was a lot of police provocations/brutality, they shot gas on a crowd of more than 6000 people (children and elders included) and after they attacked a lot of innocents, since that demo (11/03/97) there's been a demo against police brutality (14/03/97 more than 2000) and trials of 15 guys arrested, these guys will go on trial during may and a collective is supporting them, there's gonna be demos outside the court on each trials,you can check a site created to show da real face of da kkkop at http://altern.org/marseille/bavure.html

the struggle goes on...

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