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GoD says April 1997

Bulletin of the =

Garden of Delight, =

Radical Cafe/Bookshop, 5 Castle St., Dublin 2 Phone: 4751233

News from GoD

The Garden of Delight re-opened as a self-managed space =

in January. After a couple of months of getting our act =

together we are now ready to reach out a bit more. =

Hopefully this publication will be the first of many. An =

agreed statement of what we are about makes up the =

centre of this bulletin.

GOD now has about 38 members, all working on a =

voluntary basis to create a space in which a wide variety =

of events can happen. Right now our home is 5 Castle =

St. (across the road from Christ Church Cathedral) but it =

is likely that over the summer we will be moving to a =

larger space. =

Most of our members are involved in activity outside =

GOD from Pirate Radio to Trade Unions to Mail Art to =

the Anti- Water Charges Federation to whatever. The =

wide range of activities and exhibitions planned and =

held so far reflect this and hopefully will break down =

some of the barriers that exist amongst radical people in =

Dublin by providing a meeting point. GOD is in part =

inspired by the experiences of some of its members in =

the Berlin and London squatting movements, the social =

centres of Italy and Spain or even the armed rebellion of =

the Zapatistas in Mexico. Alongside this people from =

France, Germany, Italy, England, Finland, USA and the =

various parts of the Spanish state have or are working in =

GOD. And of course we've had our visit by the Special =

Branch who sent an armed squad into the bookshop in =

response to the hanging of a banner proclaiming =

"Europe 2000 =3D Fourth Reich" on the roof of the =

building during the European summit.

This month in what could be seen as an exploration of =

the differences between the 'European Unity' favoured =

by the Special Branch the rest of us we're staging an =

exhibition of photographs from the "1st =

Intercontinental Gathering against Neo-Liberalism and =

for Humanity" . This was held by the rebel army known =

as the EZLN in Chiapas, Mexico last year. Two GOD =

members attended this (along with 4,000 people from 43 =

countries) and its hoped to get a good delegation from =

Ireland along to the one in the Spainish state this year.

All that remains to be said is 'call in an see us' if you =

haven't already. If you have an idea for using the space =

contact the events committee. If you love the general =

idea of GOD then ask at the counter about getting =


Our Friends at DARC

The Dublin Alternative Radio Collective is a group =

dedicated to the establishing and maintenance of an =

alternative to mainstream and commercial radio. We =

believe that everybody should have free uncensored =

access to that airwaves and that pirate radio is a =

legitimate expression of that right. DARC has been =

broadcasting on 99FM and 107.9FM mono since February =

17th. =

At the moment of writing (first week of April) =

broadcasting is somewhat disrupted for technical and =

security reasons (although we are still broadcasting on =

99Fm). However two of our stated aims, firstly to =

broadcast a 6 week season, and secondly, to be in a =

position after that time to upgrade the quality of our =

transmission, have been successful. Upgrading the =

quality of our transmission is still an ongoing concern of =

DARC and equipment remains a major drain on our =

resources. Because we are totally opposed to commercial =

media DARC refuses to accept advertising or =

sponsorship of any kind.

Income comes from a weekly membership subs and =

from benefits. Currently we are organising gigs in =

Charlies on Georges St. - the Slippies, Blackbelt Jones =

and Jackbeast on Wednesday 9th - and open mic =

Kaberetts in the Garden of Delights on the 1st Friday of =

every month. In the background somebody has just =

qualified all of our attempts at manifestos by stating that =

the primary aim of Darc is to promote French noise =

hardcore. Which of course is true. More generally =

though we wish to try and get as diverse a =

representation of music and ideas on the air as possible. =

We'll be putting out a new schedule before the end of =

April so ideas and contributions are more than =


In particular we are interested in hearing from groups =

who feel that they could use the airtime. Although the =

schedule of the first 6 weeks consisted primarily of =

music shows it did include shows by the Garden of =

Delight, the Hope Collective, an open mic mail show =

and a somewhat erratic DARC show which among other =

things included interviews with Amnesty, various =

writers and a native of East Timor. It is this side of the =

schedule, i.e. talk and info. based programmes that we =

wish to develop in the next schedule and we would love =

to hear from people interested in helping produce such =

shows, do interviews, contact groups, etc., etc.

Finally DARC is collectively owned and run. All =

decisions concerning policy and the running of the =

station are made collectively. Members simply have to =

share a committment to running the station collectively, =

to getting as many ideas on the air as possible, to the =

d.i.y. ethic and to the ultimate goal of creating a true =

alternative to the mindless vacuum that is commercial =


DARC - PO BOX 3327, DUBLIN 8. - e-mail: darc_@hotmail.com.

Scheme Workers Alliance European March against Unemployment

Over 40,000 people are employed on FAS Community =

Employment schemes in Ireland (land of the Celtic =

tiger). The rate of pay on these schemes is miserable =

just above that paid on the dole.

A single person on CE earns =A381.30 for a 20 hour week =

(though tax and PRSI usually bring this down to about =

=A378). The government recently introduced the full class =

A insurance stamp for CE workers but, despite this, they =

still do not receive the full rights and entitlements. For =

example they can only receive one weeks sick leave, no =

paid maternity leave (you can get 14 weeks unpaid but =

what are you supposed to survive on?) and often work =

under extremely poor conditions. There is supposed to =

be a training element involved in schemes but this is =

limited to schemes with 11 participants.

The Scheme Worker's Alliance has been in operation =

since 1989 to establish and maintain rights for workers =

on schemes. They have been active in many schemes =

and have won several cases for unfair dismissal off =

schemes. At present they are involved in a major =

campaign for an immediate pay increase of ten pounds a =

week. This tenner was whipped off shortly after the =

schemes were first introduced as Social Employment. =

The SWA views an immediate restoration of this =

money as a first step towards equitable pay for the =

massive contribution of scheme workers. to arts and =

community projects throughout Ireland.

Further down the line they are pledged to fight the =

massive cut backs in schemes expected after Ireland's EU =

money is cut in 1999. The SWA is also extremely =

concerned about the idea of work fare where people =

would be forced onto schemes. This is already in =

operation with the Job Seekers Allowance in England =

where you have to accept a shit job or lose your dole. =

The SWA is also active in trying to encourage scheme =

workers to join a union. One Irish Union the =

Amalgamated Transport and General worker's Union =

has over 300 members in it's scheme Worker's Branch.

The SWA is also co-ordinating with the Irish National =

Organisation of the Unemployed (INOU) to send a =

delegation of marchers to European March Against =

Unemployment. This is to set out from Belfast on June =

1st and travel down through the country with rallies in =

various towns and leave Cork on June 5th to arrive in =

Roscoff by June 6th. The Irish section will travel =

through France and Belgium to reach Amsterdam by =

June 12th. Up to 30,000 people are expected to converge =

for this final stage in Amsterdam.


The SWA can be contacted by writing to the secretary =

Martin Walsh at 55 Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1 or =

telephoning: 8734577 or 8734023.

Free Ro=EDs=EDn McAliskey

GOD members in Derry for the Bloody Sunday =

commeration helped prepare and carry a banner =

demanding "Justice for Ro=EDs=EDn McAliskey". The young =

Tyrone woman has been imprisoned for five months =

without charge by British authorities on foot of a =

German extradition warrant. Both governments have =

jointly claimed she took part in an IRA attack on a =

British Army base near Osnabruck. McAliskey is eight =

months pregnant and in frail health but has been =

continually denied bail despite an obvious lack of =

evidence against her. =

In Scotland on Friday 4 April, the German consulate in =

Edinburgh and the Lufthansa office in Glasgow were =

picketed by supporters of the Roisin McAliskey Justice =

Group there. Human Rights Watch-Helsinki, The =

International League for Human Rights, and Amnesty =

International have also protested Ro=EDs=EDn's treatment.

Write to Ro=EDs=EDn McAliskey at: =

TE 2456 HMP Holloway =

Parkhurst Road, Holloway =

London, England N70NY =

[Also included a poster with the following text] What is GOD

The Garden of Delight beyond being a cafe and book =

shop is an example. We function without a boss or a =

profit motive, everyone working here is unpaid. We =

exist as a self-managed space or centre, the book shop =

and cafe provide an anchor on which space and funds =

are provided for cultural, political and social projects =

that might not otherwise happen.

The space is not intended to be passive and reproducing =

the values of a sick society but rather radical and based =

on action. It is intended to bring different people =

together and to be open to other organisations that =

operate in a similar fashion, particularly those in the =

local community. It arose not as a set of abstract ideas =

but because a space became available to fulfil a need =

many people already felt. The exact use of this space is =

an area for discussion and experimentation with and =

between those who are creating and working in it.

Our project is also an experiment, in working together =

for a greater good, in maximising potential, in the =

breaking of new ground. The success of our project will =

be determined in the long term by its existence in the =

collective memory, in the short term by its ability to =

attract and inspire others. We want the challenge of this =

space and its alternative way of organisation (self- management against leaders/bosses) and motivation =

(solidarity against greed/charity) to say ENOUGH! to =

those who tell us that there is no alternative to =

hierarchy and exploitation.

-- =

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